Wisp 10 to Wisp 20 in Cobalt Coastlands - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Wisp #10

Travel to the mainland to get a small mound guarded by an Alpha Machoke.

The tenth wisp is on top of the mound.

Wisp #11

Fly east in the direction of Veilstone Cape.

The 11th wisp is located on a cliff that looks like a staircase.

Wisp #12

You can get to the top of Veilstone Cape by climbing.

You will see the twelfth wisp on the crest of the land.

Wisp #13

Get ready to climb down from the summit of the veilstone cape.

The 13th Wisp is at the bottom of this cliff.

Wisp #14

Start off by flying towards the mountain that houses a turnback cave.

While climbing the cliff, you can find the 14th wisp in the middle.

Wisp #15

Go to the westernmost part of the map.

The fifteenth wisp is located right on the edge of a cliff.

Wisp #16

While standing at the edge of the cliff facing the deadly sea, fly up and head to IsleSpy Island.

A bird's-eye view will help you find the 16th wisp at the edge of the land.

Wisp #17

Then, go to the northwestern part of the fire spit island.

The land hosts the 17th Wisp.

Wisp #18

Inside the map, you will see another island on the corner.

In order to collect the 18th wisp, head towards it.

Wisp #19

To claim the 19th wisp, fly around the islands of the firespits.

Wisp #20

The last wisp is located in the first cliff past the lava over the volcano.