Wisp 11 to 20 Locations: Coronet Highlands in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Wisp #11

Up ahead is the 11th wisp.

Fly across the mountain and claim it.

Wisp #12

To get the 12th wisp, go to the Celestica ruins.

It is at the center of the broken-down gazebo.

Wisp #13

When you are at the center of the gazebo, climb up to the bill.

Once you've reached the top, go back to the beginning to get the 13th wisp.

Wisp #14

While standing on the cliff, go toward look west.

The 14th Wisp is atop a mound on the surface of a cliff.

Wisp #15

Fly to the edge of Bolderoll Ravine.

The 15th Wisp is in the bottom corner of the ravine.

Wisp #16

Go towards to stone tooth rows.

The 16th Wisp is located on the left part of a graveyard next to a Mismagius.

Wisp #17

Return to the highlands camp and finish all of the remaining Wisps.

Head to the western part of the camp.

If you want to catch that Wisp, go to the other side of the land, and at the bottom corner is a wild Golbat.

Wisp #18

The 18th wisp is located at the ridge of the falls.

Wisp #19

The 19th wisp can be found in the first cave.

Go inside.

Once you're inside, follow the torches.

At the intersection of 4 tunnels, make a right when you see the 4th torch.

You must summon basulegion.

To get to the next section of the cave, just follow the stream.

Swim over and collect the 19th wisp.

Wisp #20

To get to the final wisp, you must leave the cave.

On the corner of the 19th wisp, make a right turn.

Follow the trail to the river and then leave the cave.