Wisp Locations: Crimson Mirelands in Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Part 1

There are a total of 20 Wisps Mission Requests within the area of Crimson Mirelands

Wisps are easier to spot at night because they shine the brightest.

This enables you to spot opportunities a lot easier.

Wisp #1

If you go to the Mirelands Camp, you will find a Golden Lowland. On top of it is the 1st Wisp.

Wisp #2

Go down the cliff and get the 2nd wisp.

Wisp #3

To find the 3rd shimmering Wisp, you must fly to Gapejaw Bog, then locate a hill that is next to it.

Wisp #4

When standing on the hill, face west.

The 4th Wisp is found in the middle of a crater filled with water.

Wisp #5

Fly east while on the location of the 4th Wisp.

The 5th Wisps is on a hill at the edge of the map. The Holm of Trials is nearby.

Wisp #6

The location of the 5th Wisp is to the east.

The 6th Wisp is at the center of a flooded mound.

Wisp #7

Go to the south of Ursa Ring.

The 7th Wisp is at the top of a hill at the very left edge of the map.

Wisp #8

Go to the southern part of the map, near Droning Meadow.

The 8th Wisp is floating in the middle of a small cliff.

Wisp #9

Fly north of Droning Meadow and over Cottonsedge Prairie.

The 9th wisp is on top of a hill next to a dead tree.

Wisp #10

If you fly west from this location, you'll land on Usay's Ring.

At the edge of a small cliff by the river, the 10th Wisp can be found.