Wisp Locations: Crimson Mirelands in Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Part 2

Wisp #11

Fly up while you're still on the same cliff.

At the center of a small mound you can spot the 11th Wisp.

Wisp #12

Fly up from the mound and head toward Boideroit Slope.

The 12th Wisp is hidden on a small patch of land.

Wisp #13

Keep going north to Lake Valor.

There is a 13th Wisp floating at the center of three trees at the edge of the waterfalls.

Wisp #14

While on your way to the top of the waterfalls, pay a visit to the Diamond Settlement.

Travel to a nearby hill and locate the Wisp near two small trees.

Wisp #15

Now, fly south.

A bird's eye view is the best way to spot the 15th Wisp. It's near a red bush.

Wisp #16

If you're traveling from the first spot towards the next one, head east. You'll find a stop called Bolderoll.

The 16th Wisp is on a cliff.

Return to the Mireland Camp and pursue the remaining Wisps.

Wisp #17

The 17th Wisp is located at the northwestern land across a river from the camp.

It can be seen at the bottom of a cliff.

Wisp #18

To the north of the map, there is a cliff, and at the top of the cliff is a wisp.

Wisp #19

From the location of the 18th Wisp, try to climb up the cliff.

In the northern part of Cloudpool Ridge, there is a 19th Wisp.

Wisp #20

The 20th Wisps is located in the east of the 19th Wisps. It is on top of a cliff.