Where to Catch Fire Tauros In Pokemon Scarlet

This guide will let you know where to Catch Fire Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet. Go through the guide and follow all the instructions to catch it.

There are three types of Tauros including the normal one, the fire fighting one, and the water one. You will find the fire fighting one is in Scarlet and the water fighting is in Violet. You will need to head to Porto Marinada and make yourself some food or buy some food from a restaurant that has a fire and counter plus.

It will increase your chances of encountering fire Pokemon but the spawn rate here for the fire Taurus is just not good. Now you need to put the sandwich together and a cut scene will start where you will eat the sandwich at a picnic spot.

After that, you have to look for a herd of Taurus and you will find one in the middle with red lines on its mains.