Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Build Tips

In this guide, you will discover an insane build that has been put together, and this is the exact build that some of the players used to have to take down Lubu, one of the heaviest bosses in the game. So, it will be best to share it with you in detail. This is a mid-game build since it’s being used around part four.

The Jewel Swords

If you get into the equipment, let’s look at the jewel swords; the first bunch you get are The Chival Residual swords or The Chivalrous Swordsman Jewel swords. Some upgradation is done into the gear to make it a little bit easier to enhance the attack, power, and stuff. But it’s not necessary to do that. You will get plenty of loot as you go across this game; a lot of it already has some quite nice upgrades.

The Wooden Poled Spear

If you look at the other weapon, the wooden poled spear, it dropped at plus five and has never been upgraded even a single time. Some players have got lots of plus threes, and a few got a couple of plus fours; it’s a guess that is already dropping, and that is in part four of the game. But those are the two weapons, and you will see the attack power is 324; they are just absolute beasts when dealing with damage.

The Ranged Weapons

Then there is Colonel Repeating Crossbow and a Yellow-Shouldered Crossbow for the ranged weapons. Suppose you are a part of one of the main battlefields in the games, and one of the main missions is a part where three enemies are on the ground, and then an Archer is just sitting on standby waiting. You should always use one of the crossbows or a bamboo bow to take down the ranged enemies; that way, you must deal with the melee ones.

The Crouching Dragon Helmet

Then with the armour, it is for sure that The Crouching Dragon Helmet is the best. You have seen a great number of diverse helmets. Still, you will be slightly confused with this one since you unlock this helmet if you play the demo and go through the entire demo. Some people say it happened with betas and stuff for the game, but a player has never touched this game before release.

He just downloaded the game on Xbox game pass when it first launched when it became available to play, with No demos, nothing like that, and he was just awarded the helmet. If you have a look at the special effects, it has something called inheritance, so you don’t get a lot of bonus stats and things like that. You have just got dragon’s cure, put HP recovery, but if you have a look here when you choose to upgrade the equipment with this effect at the blacksmith. You can upgrade it to the highest level of any currently held equipment without spending coppers or materials.

So, if you have your wooden pole Spirit plus five, you can upgrade the Crouching Dragon Helmet to plus five without spending a single resource. The upgrades have been entirely free, boosting the defence to 76. It’s a very good helmet, so you may use it for the entire play-through of this game.

The Yellow Turban Champion Armour Set

It’s a Yellow turban set, which means it’s not even a set. There is no set bonus to it or anything like that. It has been levelled up to its all plus four, but the main stats players go for now is extra HP. Two of these pieces have bonus HP and keep the best stats they find. No armour is found better than damage received while attacking. You get lots of loot in this game. But at the moment, it should be prioritised on one stat to get through your first playthrough.

And you should pay attention to the fact that this is plus four, so the defence will not be high on a piece of gear. That’s like plus one or does not have any upgrades to it. It’s all about the stats, at least relatively early into the game, mid-game, that sort of distance through your playthroughs. But damage received one attacking; you have also got that melee attack Spirit damage on there, which is also nice.

The Bronze Dice

And then, in your accessories, you must have a Bronze Dice, and the reason to keep this one is that it does have damage received minus 1.6 which is helpful spirit consumption. A little bit less, but it’s got luck plus a 36, and if you look at luck, it enhances the drop rate of equipment with a high Rarity. So, when it comes to Rarity, that is, the stars, you will see three stars and keep getting a lot of three and four-star drops.

The Belt Hook And Qinglong

On the other side, there is a belt hook purely because it’s got a health bonus. Regarding the Divine Beast, you will always run Qinglong because you get a health bonus and the resurrection, so Y and B or a triangle and circle on a controller will bring Qinglong. Recover your health by a thousand or something; it revives your companions if they are down. It’s just so helpful for survivability.

Imposing Slab, Poison Bubbles, Frost Lance And Enhanced Defense

And for the Wizardry spells, you may use Imposing slab. It deals so much damage if you are against an aggressive enemy charging at you constantly. Poison bubbles, just a random one if you are stuck on Frost Lance, are great good. If you stun an enemy or something like that. You can Chuck a couple of icicles towards them, and it deals like nine or ten damage which does not seem a lot but is very helpful.

Then you will have enhanced defence. When you do this, you have to pop this, receive less damage from enemies, and don’t Flinch except for some powerful attacks.

The Dragon’s Cure Pots

At the bottom is the Dragon’s Cure Pots minor plus three. If you tab over, it will take you to the stats page, where you can see all the stats. It has got 16 points into the wood virtue, and it has got 30 in Earth, and it will bring down its equipment’s weight since the higher your equipment weight gets, you go into fail with deflecting. Your deflecting will become much tougher, and deflecting is a significant mechanic in this game. So, Earth is very high, but then wood is also buffed up quite High.

Hooligan Pass, The Battlefield

It gives you much more health than the other virtues. Jump into a mission, and you will be shown some combat.

Afterwards, go to part four, and navigate to the Battle of hooligan pass. So, on the main Battlefield, move toward a battle flag. You have a heavy opponent; you only want to do the same for every build. You want to be way more defensive in this game than you do aggressive. So, if you get the attention of the first opponent, you see, if you try and get a nice spirit attack from behind. First, there should be some nice damage to him, and then it should be just about being defensive, deflection, and countering off it.

The Fight

But that guy will have so many different attacks once he is at the end of them. You can spam some attacks. Unfortunately, you cannot use an imposing slab right now because you don’t have high enough morale. So you will have to deflect again, and it’s that simple deflect a nice fatal strike or whatever they are, called fatal blow, and that guy is dealt.

There is another enemy around here, you will have three guys, and one is up somewhere. But you are going to do it if you switch now. You have got the right crossbar one, so if I look at a guy, you will hit a headshot that will have pretty much him killed. But he is going to attack means it’s going to take a couple of hits, and he will be dead. So, then you have another guy, and that is recommended with this: always hold your left bumper or L1 because, with L1, you will see there if you mess up the timing with your deflects. You will have to guard against a lot of attacks anyway, and your goal with this is if you can get some normal attacks, you will see your spirit bar go blue instead of building up to the orange side.

The Divine Beast In The Fight

So every time you attack a positive spirit again, and then after, you have got some positive spirit built up. f you jump in with a spirit attack. You will lower the high end of the spirit gauge for the enemy. And it is much easier to break through their defence and deal damage to them, and you will see because of luck. Just have a level three drop with PlusOne upgrades on it. And then because your health is half for your Divine BEAST’s ready.

If you use Qinglong, you will get all that Health back, and if you stand in the circle, it keeps giving you health back, and the circle lasts a little while as well. Once your spirit got battered there, you are healing again. Just keep healing over and over again; watch our circles there. And then be careful because you could almost die. The game becomes quite tough when you have got multiple enemies after you. You need to try and split them up a little bit. You should always go with the easiest enemy to eliminate the bonus enemies. If there is one down, you have to focus on one. You will get upgraded gear again. There is all that deflecting. Keep dealing your damage using your spirit attacks.

Every enemy becomes an easy kill if you deplete so much of his Spirit gauge. That’s all I have used. You should not be bothered with the spear that you have got. It’s all about these dual swords. They come in different upgrade levels, but it’s so much fun using them because enemies don’t stand a chance, and that is against bosses as well. Those players took down Lubu using these dual swords, and Lubu is one of the toughest bosses in the game but not only if you can get your equip load to be light. You will see on these swords there is a damage bonus when you have a light-equipped load.

And it’s got an A rating also if you look at the attack bonus. If you spec into the water maybe instead of Earth, if you don’t mind having that extra weight light. If you want to take a couple of pieces of your gear off, spec into the water instead of Earth. You will get extra attack bonuses; these swords are fantastic for any player with many consecutive attacks.

The Upshot

Enemies don’t stand a chance; you repeatedly build your spirit gauge. So, you are getting them powerful Spirit attacks; it lowers the enemy Spirit gauge. And that way, you can perform so many fatal strikes, making this game much easier. If you have three-star Rarity, you have them plus four upgrades; their attack power is two, four, five, and it will not be surprising for you if these carry you through this entire game. Hence, stick to the game and go on.