Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taotie Boss Fight Tips

This guide will let you know how to beat Taotie in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Taotie has two phases and he is quite intimidating. It is a giant who keeps jumping around the arena.

During the boss fights, you need to stand underneath his foot and attack that foot again and again. It is recommended to use your spirit attacks to bring down his Spirit gauge. bring that down. You have to build up to where the reticle turns orange and get into a phase to do a fatal strike. The meter will last a long time so you will have ample time to do the Fatal strike. It will provide massage damage.

You can also climb up the monster to do the fatal strike. It will end the first phase of this boss.

After that, the second phase will start and it is as simple as the first phase. Taotie is the easiest boss to beat in the game.