Wolverine Build Guide – Midnight Suns

In this guide, you will get to know about Wolverine’s character in Midnight suns. You will get to know how you can get his legendary card, once you reach friendship rank 5. 

Wolverine doesn’t have a way to generate blocks. He focuses on taking hits on his health and then restoring his health. This puts him in a situation where if he takes too much damage, he may get injured and or get knocked out before his move. 

Wolverine does not have a high health pool like Captain America or Captain Marvel. Wolverine doesn’t have abilities that can give him full health, so you need to be careful in managing his health bar. His passive ability helps him to heal. Whenever you redraw Wolverine’s card, he gains health. 

Wolverine Deck


Wolverine can draw three cards when it is upgraded and it gives lifesteal until his turn and also heroism. 

Lifesteal is different than blood magic. In blood magic, you only gain health when you deal damage with attack cards. But lifesteal ends when your turn ends. Lifesteal is much better than Blackmagic because you can generate damage. Wolverine is a tank character so he is going to get damaged. It is better if you use the card and then do the attacks at the same time. 

Rapid Healing:

This card heals Wolverine with great health and you can play with Wolverine when he is unable to act. You can also heal him and remove the effects on him with this card. If you have this card and you are fighting, make sure you use it. Captain Marvel and Captain America don’t have this card in their tank style. 


This is the Heroic ability and it costs two heroism. It taunts every enemy you hit.

When you taunt the enemy, they will hit you and if you knock out the enemy, you will gain one counter. It means you will counterattack on every hit you take, as long as you get stunned. This is a good card for dealing with and taunting enemies. You will get double damage when you modify this card. 

Quick Swipe

You can use this card to finish the enemy quickly and you will gain heroism. You can use a quick swipe and once you get the strength, you can use eviscerate.

Wolverine best team 

Doctor Strange: 

Doctor Strange is a good team member of Wolverine. Because he has two cards and he can boost up the damage.

Once the cards are upgraded, he can be a great help. He can pull back some of the attacks too. 


Nico can buff him with the blood magic and she can buff his strength. She can make him draw his one card and she can also block him.

She can also use witch fire which can hit a lot of enemies. She can double up herself, so you can also double Nico. 


Blade and Wolverine can double up to spread the damage more. You can also modify this and add bleeding to it. It will help blade with his attacks as well.

Captain America:

Captain America has the ability to give a block to Wolverine. And he has a tactician who allows him to draw the cards, which are similar to the Wolverine cards.

Iron Man:

Iron man can also give a block to Wolverine. Iron Man is a DPS character and he can do his DPS things.