Zombie & Skeleton Mob Spawner XP Farm – Minecraft

In this guide, you will find out how to set up Skeleton Mob Spawner XP Farm in Minecraft.

Materials Needed:

You’d need the following items:

2x Water Bucket

1x Trapdoor

6x Torch

15x Ladder

1x Chest

Follow these steps to make the farm:

Step 1: You’ll need a zombie or skeleton spawner if you want to build this.

Step 2: Place some torches on top of the spawner to prevent mob spawning.

Step 3: Make sure there is a 4 blocks space between the spawner and the wall.

Step 4: Clear out the whole wall like this.

Step 5: Fill all the holes in the sides.

Step 6: For the next part, you’ll need to dig down 3 blocks.

Step 7: Make the whole floor 3 blocks lower.

Step 8: For the next part, it is recommended to make an infinite water source.

Step 9: You can make one using two water buckets.

Step 10: Place two water buckets in two random corners.

Step 11: Refill your water one more time and remove the infinite water source.

Step 12: Place the last 2 water buckets in the corners.

Step 13: If you did everything right, you should end up with a 1×1 hole.

Step 14: Go into that hole and mine down by 10 blocks.

Step 15: Once 10 blocks down, make yourself some room.

Step 16: Time to make your killing area.

Step 17: Place a double chest down with a hopper below your hole.

Step 18: Place some blocks like this so that the mobs can’t escape.

Step 19: Go to this side and mine up, place ladders at the same time.

Step 20: You should reach the water using this method.

Step 21: Place a trapdoor on the top side of the top block to go up and down.

Step 22: Break the wall temporarily.

Step 23: Remove the top torch and place a slab on top.

Now remove all other torches so that the mob spawn.

Step 24: Make sure to remove the temporary blocks and fix the wall.

Step 25: Now go down, and test the spawn rate.

Step 26: You will get a lot of loot and XP from this!