10 Hidden Places On Map Of Mobile Legends

There are 10 hidden places in Mobile Legends that you must know about. Go through this guide and find out all these hidden places.

Chirping birds:

The first one on our list is these chirping birds. If you go near your red buff, you’ll see them. They stay here till your first buff arrives. And then when your beef arrives, they’ll fly away and never come back.

Jumping Frog:

Anyway, the next thing is a little frog in the river area. You can find them on these two little bushes between the river area. If you look at all these small details and interactions, you’ll surely realize that they really put a lot of effort into making all this.

Creepy Eyes:

There are creepy eyes in between the big rocks. Just like other interactions, this will also not harm you.

Little Butterfly:

Near those birds are little butterflies, you can only see them in ultra graphics. And they stay here after those birds are gone. Good thing is that you can find them near the opponent’s red buff too.

Tiny fishes:

If you stand for a second and watch in the river, there will be lots of tiny fish in the water. You can easily see them.

Gorgeous Fountain:

The gorgeous fountains are visible in low, mid, and high graphics too but they won’t pour water like it is doing in the ultra graphics settings. You can find these on Lord, Mid, and near red buffs.

Purple Flame:

If it stays off in other settings but in the ultra graphic settings, you will find the purple flame.

Sun Rays:

Moonton does not even use their efforts on the map but even outside of it too. So if someone who tries to seek outside this map for a view can see the sun’s rays. This makes the game more realistic!

Blue Tower:

There is a big blue stone at the top of the mountain, hanging without any support. It is the blue tower.

Vivid Clouds:

The next thing on the list is Vivid clouds. They look even better in the Ultra Graphic settings. Yes, it is available in low graphics also but in a little.


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