10 Tips And Tricks For Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk Rpg

This brief guide will let you know ten tips and tricks for Cyberika: Action Cyberpunk RPG game. These tips are more for beginners/mid beginners.

Tip 1

Save your id so you can avoid permanent loss of progress(you can find it in-game settings at the bottom right corner).

Tip 2

Don’t forget to open your daily hacked vending machine. Go to the shop, then resources, and head to the hacked vending machine. It refreshes every 25 days, and you can obtain your reward every 24 hours.

Tip 3

There are two ways to get rid of your disturbance.

To buy it off, go to the darknet and then to the corrupt regulator.

For 5/5 disturbance in the cyber slum, it costs five hyper coins. Or you can wait for 1 hour, and the disturbance will be 0 again.

Tip 4

Don’t spend your credits on buying healing items. You can get healing items by clearing outskirts, so save up your credits for other useful stuff.

Tip 5

Don’t spend your credits on clothes. You don’t need clothes (initially), and you can gather them from contracts, missions, and zones. (like outskirts and back streets). So save up your credits and use them wisely (and of course, you can buy them if you are in a hurry).

Tip 6

Don’t level up fast. Leveling up fast will not help you clear the contracts because if you are at a low level, you get easy contracts, and if you are at a high level, you get complicated contracts. So take your time and farm for healing items and weapons to prepare for the more complicated contracts.

Tip 7

What to order in the food tube lite kitchen. In the beginning, you should buy the tacos because it gives you +10% melee damage and it lasts for 10 minutes.

Later on, if you upgrade the food tube, it is suggested to order the pizzas because it gives you + 30% defense and lasts for 20 minutes.

Tip 8

Here is the easiest method to kill razor head freaks and mutated hounds. You can kill the razor head freak by shooting him once and then hit him with your baseball bat. A mutated hound is one hit with the baseball bat.

Tip 9

The best way to repair your weapons. If you have three brass knuckles and they have a different damage rate. But they have the exact repair costs, so repair only the one that has the most damage.

Tip 10

How to trick enemies in zones. So first you have to gather all the enemies. And then, you will need to leave the zone and join back. Some enemies will change their places, and sometimes they will get stuck on objects.



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