10 Tips and Tricks you need to know in Lumber Tycoon 2

This guide will provide you with different tips and tricks for Roblox Lumber Tycoon 2. These different tricks and tips will really help you out in your game.

Is your car flipped over? Don’t worry !

Grab a tiny floor blueprint.

Get in the car and put the blueprint on the car. Press T two times.

Bam! The car will be flipped back over.

Does it take too long to cut the trees?

Take a fast axe (chicken) and the many axes.

Cut once or twice with the chicken then quickly switch to the many and click fast.

Are you having trouble fitting wood into your sawmill?

You have to move the sawmill, but don’t place it anywhere, put the wood where the sawmill just was. Then press B.

Now the wood is being milled!

Do you want to give your guests a surprise?

You will need to put a pressure plate in the door frame then put a duck right next to it.

Do you want to glitch into a closed off area?

Put your face against a corner. Turn around and then go in 1st person. But it doesn’t work every time there.

Do you want to fly?

All you need is a boxed glass door. Line up next to the edge like this then grab the TOP RIGHT corner. But you may fail sometimes.

Is your base too dark?

You can consider buying some neon wire!

Always remember to stock up on limited items, like turkeys.

Are you tired of trying to spawn in pink cars?

With this device, you can spawn five cars at once! Connect multiple car spanners with wires and a button. This is a harder but faster way.

Is your wood stuck in the ground?

You can put any loose item on top of it. Grab the wood then go to the menu.

Now let go of the wood, then exit the menu and then grab the top of the loose item.

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