10 Ways To Farm Rare Skin Fragments Faster | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

This guide will provide you with ten ways to farm rare skin fragments faster than others. It will cover all the methods for f2p players and for players who do recharge.

Method no.1

Frags via Magic Fragments

This method is about the starlight magic fragments. You can get them for free by playing almost every week or even every 3rd day. It will be available in the starlight shop and you can get more of them if you buy starlight.

If you cross level 60, which is easily possible for regular players. But currently, you only need 50 magic fragments. Go to the starlight shop, scroll down a little, and you will find rare skin fragments.

By clicking on it, you can exchange easily for getting fragments. There is a limit to using almost 50 magic fragments.

And you can get 1 rare fragment by exchanging it with 10 magic frags. So here are your 5 rare fragments which will reset every month.

Method No. 2

Arrival Of New Skins

Arrival tokens can be also useful for getting free rare frags, all you have to do is to spin them in the “new arrival” section. You can find this in the shop section. You can get hero fragments from the hero’s arrival and rare skin fragments from the new skin’s arrival. It looks like you will get more trial cards than rare frags.

But that’s where most of the players get confused. There is also a reward of 6 rare frags if you use 50 arrival tokens, so there is that.

5 tokens for 6 rare frags is not a good deal.

Method no.3

Wishes of New Skins

This one is a little tricky. So currently the Lancelot zodiac gift event is going on but this event came with every skin. Most of the trial cards can be claimable from the ‘new arrival’ section in the shop. So play a game from that trial skin and you can claim 4 rare frags with almost every new skin.

Just like a free trial card of pharsa samba muse skin can give you easy 4 rare frags. And other skins do the same. So new skins mean free fragments.

Method no. 4

Wheel of Magic

Let’s go to the magic wheel now. The majority of players do not even bother to go there because they do not think that they can buy legendary skins. But this wheel can give you easy rare fragments too. There is only one slot out of ten for it.

But the chances of getting rare fragments are high because it is lower in quality compared to skins. A quick tip is that you must make sure to do a 5x spin with a magic potion instead of single spins.

So you can get 1 free magic potion for the next 5x spin.

Method No. 5

Be Lucky In Lucky Spin

Now let’s go to the shop again and this time, you need to go to the lucky spin section. But most of the time it is the basic skins of heroes. And most of the MLBB players have the basic skins. So just in case, you have those skins, make sure to draw again. That’s how you shall get 20 rare fragments for repeatable skin in your account. And same goes for repeatable heroes but instead of rare fragments. You will get 10,000 BP.

Method No. 6

Grand Collection Event

Now let’s go to the grand collection event, where you can collect free tokens to spin.

Those free tokens can give you free rare fragments too. But firstly let’s exchange these tokens to get free spins.

Now let’s go back to the grand collection event. In the current spin, you will get hero fragments.

But as soon as you complete this one, you will get the hero fragments.

You need to do 1 spin every day only, so you can only spend half the amount. The first spin is with a 50 percent discount. By doing that you will easily reach the second or third wheel of the spin banner. From that, you can get rare skin fragments.

There’s one simple example. Look at the next spin carefully, now the spinning banners have rare frags.

After this banner, you will see two slots of this. But if you spin one time a day, it’s very easy to get rare fragments from here. As you can see here, these are normal rewards that can be claimable easily.

Method No.7

Zodiac Summon Event

This one is a little time-consuming. But easy to do, you do not have to do something extra. Whenever new zodiac skins come up, play with that hero in the game.

Skins are not important as we are focusing on this guide for F2P players. And don’t forget to share your results twice. So you can free 2 single spins here. Now from that, you will get either other rewards or rare fragments.

It is not confirmed to get rare frags from here but chances are high over her too. Except for that, you will get trial cards of emotes or recalls. You will get frags if your account is low on skins.

Method No. 8

Perks Of Starlight

If you buy starlight then you’ll get free rare fragments. So just in case, your favorite hero’s skin comes up and you need rare fragments. Then make sure to buy that starlight if you can. You’ll get rare skin fragments from here too.

On levels 3, 13, 23, 33, 45, and 57 respectively.

So 6 and 5 fragments from magic fragments. Means a total of 11 rare fragments from your starlight till now.

Method No. 9

Frags via Magic Fragments

So apart from those 11 fragments, starlight can give you more frags. And it is from the starlight privilege section. Where you’ll get 5 rare fragments every week.

Means 20-25 fragments every month. And with 11 rare fragments from previous methods.

And arrival tokens and magic potions are also available here for free. Which can give you more rare fragments from our previously used methods.

Method No. 10

Frags via Redeem Codes

Our last method is occasional.

So keep your eyes on festivals and events in the game. We will do code redeeming. You can use the valentine’s week code “bewithu” or Be With U. Currently it is working and will work on your account too.

By using the code and your id, you will get a redeeming code in your in-game mail section. By putting that in the verification section.

You can search “MLBB REDEEM CODE” in the google section.

To get to this website use this link.

You will get fragments and maybe magic dust.

But every code has different rewards and most of them have rare fragments. These redeeming codes are available on the streaming of official players on youtube and FB. That’s all from this guide.

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