10 Ways To Max Emblems Faster In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

If you are struggling to upgrade your EMBLEMS and want to MAX them fast or if you want to spam this amazing recall or emote to taunt your enemies.

Here are 10 ways to MAX your EMBLEMS FASTER than others.

Focus on 1 or 2 EMBLEMS

Your first priority is to focus on upgrading 1-2 emblems only. It is because you can get the max speed for reaching level 60. And the profit and primary aim is to reach the max level. So focus on upgrading the essential emblems only.

Assassin Emblem is the most versatile and beneficial emblem among all of them. If you are a solo player, try to maximize this emblem first. But if you play mostly mages or tanks, then go to TANK or MAGE emblem.

Avoid First Two Emblems

The second is to make PHYSICAL and MAGIC EMBLEM your last priority. That’s because it‘ll not help you on higher tiers like Legend Rank and above.

Meanwhile, the highest level of these two emblems has only two talents at max level. The other 7 Emblems have 3 talents, which means more options for you. So try not to waste your precious BP and Magic Dust on these emblems.

Lucky Common Emblem Chest

For finding it, you have to go to the Shop and scroll in the Recommend Section. At the end, you’ll find a Blue chest like this. From this, you can get 60-70 Magic Dust, and that’s a lot! There’s also a chance to get 2 or 3 times more of it. It’ll cost you 800 BP for every chest, and you can buy only 5 of it every week. So make sure to save at least 4000 BP every week for it.

Lucky Emblem Pack

You can find it right beneath the Lucky Common Emblem Chest. It’ll be Purple-ish in color and will cost you 50 tickets for every chest. Unlike Lucky Common Emblem Chest, you can buy it as many times as you want. It’ll give you 45-55 random emblem fragments from every chest. It’s recommended to get at least 3-4 chests every day from here.

The Emblem Matrix

You can find it in the Preparation Section, which will be in the Shop. Here you can draw for getting a random amount of fragments and magic dust. You’ll also get a free draw every 72 hours and some free BP. There’s also a featured emblem which will change every 72 hours too.

If you get the featured emblem in your Draw, you’ll get a double amount of it.

Lucky Spin Draws

You can spin to get physical and mage emblem frags. But we are mainly here to collect magic dust. You will also get a free spin every 48 hours. Also, you have a chance to win a free hero or basic skin from here. And if you get a duplicate hero or basic skin, you’ll get 10k BP or 20 Rare Frags. You can also use Lucky Gem Fragment in the Lucky Shop Treasure section to get some Emblem Fragments too.

Mentor Info Section

The Mentorship section is also a place where you can get Magic Dust without spending anything. All you have to do is to find a Mentor or Apprentice for yourself. Then you can get magic dust in multiple places like by doing tasks, opening chests etc. You will also get rewards for being a Mentor or Apprentice. So make sure not to miss making a Mentor or Apprentice.

Every time the season resets.

The Events Section

One of the most underrated places is the Events section. There’s always a skin or hero release every week once or twice. And there’s always a reward related to it for getting magic dust. So keep an eye on these events related to new skins and heroes. As they only last for a couple of days after something new is released. Meanwhile, the daily 7-Day login section also falls in this section. Where you can also get Magic Dust and Emblem Bundles. Always keep your eyes on time-limited reward collecting events.

Always check the Inventory

You may always forget to do this or try to collect it. But opening chests is better than collecting them. You can find all the chests in the Inventory section. So always go to Inventory and then in Packs to open the Chests. As many of them have either Magic Dust Emblem Fragments, or both of them.

Huge Frags in Achievements Section

And last is the Achievements section, where you can get a huge amount of Emblems Fragments. All you have to do is to complete these Achievements to collect Achievement Points. These achievement points will increase your achievement level. So if you have any task left somewhere which can be possible for you to complete. Make sure to do it asap to get a large number of Fragments instantly. By doing these methods, you can max your EMBLEMS faster and efficiently. And when all your Emblems are maxed, the Magic Dust shop will be open for you. From which you can get these Spawn -Recall effects and Battle Emote.


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