100% Completion Guide – GTA 3

It is a complete guide for [Is That All You’ve Got?] trophy in Grand Theft Auto 3. You will find out everything you need to know about this trophy. 

Unlike other GTA games, there are no rewards for 100% completion except for the trophy “Is that all you’ve Got?”

Mission Passed!



You will need to complete the 48 main storyline missions.

Some Storyline missions are potentially missable and could prevent you from achieving 100%

In Portland, you have to make sure to complete all of Joey’s and Luigi’s missions before you complete Salvatore’s missions.

Once you complete the last requests for Salvatore, you will be locked out of completing any remaining missions for Joey and Luigi.

In Staunton Island, you have to make sure to complete all of Kenji’s and Asuka’s missions before you complete Donald Love’s missions.

Once you complete Waka-Gashira Wipeout for Donald’s love, you will be locked out of completing any remaining missions for Kenji and Asuka.

Phone Missions

Complete the 17 Payphone missions (Marty chunks, El Burro, King Courtney, and D-Ice)

Vehicle Side Missions

You will need to kill 60 criminals in Vigilante missions-20 on each island.

Threat Eliminted!

Reward $10000

Vigilante bonus!

Reward $20000

Threat Eliminated!

Reward $10000

Extinguish 60 Fires in Firefighter missions-20 on each island.

Fire Extinguished!

Reward $5000

Fire Extinguished!

You have to complete 12 in the paramedic submission.

Paramedic missions complete!

Vehicle side Missions

You have to complete 100 fares in the Taxi Driver submission.

Fare Complete!


Speed bonus

Patriot Playground

Off-Road Missions

You will need to complete the Checkpoint challenges Patriot Playground, Multistorey Mayhem, A ride in the Park, and Gripped!

Diablo Destruction

RC Toyz Side Mission

You will need to complete Rc Toyz missions mafia massacre, Diablo Destruction, Casino Calamity, and Rumpo Rampage.


You have to complete the portland Docks and shoreside Vale Import/export lists and deliver all emergency vehicles to the crane at the portland docks.

All the vehicles, Nice! Here’s a little something.

Unique Stunt Jumps

You have to complete 20 Stunt Jumps.

All unique stunts completed!


Kill 25 triads in 120 seconds!


Complete 20 Rampages


Behead 20 hoods in 120 seconds!

All Rampages completed.


Collect 100 Hidden packages

You got all of them; here is a little something.

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