12 Chain Build Hacks in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with the best chain-related build hacks. It’s just a collection of weird ideas.

Table of Contents

    Design 1

    It is a quick and simple anchor, an impressive detail on the side of your ship.

    Design 2

    This design will help if you deed a little bridge, and you can use the chains as a neat hand railing. You can make a suspension bridge using the chains as well.

    Design 3

    Building a city or a train network, you might find this design useful for some utility poles. It could be for electricity, telephone lines or something third. You can build a single pole and copy it several times to expand the network. You can, of course, use different types of materials.

    Design 4

    Here’s a design for your city or base, a simple lamp post design using chains.

    Design 5

    It is a bit dark but works well. If you need an old-style prison, a custom pillager outpost with a prison cellar, or a room for the Mob that killed your favorite dog. These chains will have the poor Mob hanging by their thumbs.

    Design 6

    Tire swings are the best kind of swings. Some say there are better types of swings than tire swings but don’t understand them, Here’s a cool way to make one in Minecraft, It must be a tractor tire, and it’s pretty huge. You need the rest of the tree to hold it up and use a few more leaf blocks. 

    Design 7

    The grindstone in this design either looks like a rolled-up chain or some pulley. The lever also works perfectly with the chain and is perfect for a farm or village.

    Design 8

    This design is more general; you can use the chains to make crazy industrial-locking machines. Smokers look like they have a hole for the chain to go into, and the hoppers look like they have a segment of chains to come out of. You can use this design in your modern factory build.

    Design 9

    The crane looks much more functional; you can place a crane outside your mineshaft or at a construction site. Even though it’s mostly wood, it will add life to the place, and the grindstone works extremely well with chains. This pole already looks like it has some mechanical function; it will be the counterweight. For the arm that does the lifting, making it at an angle will make it easier to connect with more chains. Rounding a way to make it look like a chain is lifting a Minecraft, you need a mineshaft or something; otherwise, it can look a little out of place.

    Design 10

    A quick one for the gym or fight clubs is a punching bag.

    Design 11

      It is a slightly larger design, and you can use the scaffolding. These Scaffolding blocks are cool and look good.

    Design 12

    This medieval castle build hack allows you to imagine that fence being like a gate that you can raise and lower. The hoppers fit nicely with chains, a little roll of the chain is used to raise or lower the gate. You can add a mix of mossy and cracked bricks for a few extra details to make it look older. The carpet gives the flag a little bit of a wiggle, and you can have some more custom banners for your clan. You can add a lantern to make it pop at night.  

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