12 Farm Build Hacks in Minecraft

In this guide, you will find 12 farm build hacks in Minecraft. You can use these hacks for farming more. 

Table of Contents

    Beehive Design

    You can add this cool beehive design close to your farm and then plant many flowers around your field. Once the bees arrive, they’ll pollinate your crops, which speeds up the plant growth, similar to bone meal.

    Wheelbarrow Design

    The wheelbarrow design is a creative use of some newer blocks; it even works as a job site for farmer villagers.

    Compost Design

    It’s very easy to compost your farming leftovers; perhaps you have some automatic farm already. In that case, you will need to feed some of the items into a composter. You can use hoppers to fill and empty it automatically. You can even feed the output into an automatic fertilizer, and you’ll never be below a bone meal again.

    Pumpkin Decorate Design

    You can make your pumpkins a little more decorative by giving them a 3D stem.

    Scarecrow Design

    There are many ways to do this; here’s one way, a simple scarecrow.

    Tree Design

    Looking for bigger trees, you can easily grow them with this slab trick. You can also stop trees from growing big by making a ceiling.

    Hiding Berry Design

    You can make apple trees by hiding berry bushes; the more berry bushes, the more visible they’ll be. You can also add a barrel of apples below using coral.

    Tree Farm Design

    Got a tree farm or somewhere you always go to get wood. Decorate the place with a few tied-down logs.

    Crop Fields Design

    How do you keep large crop fields lit up at night? You can easily utilize the water spots using a fence.

    Hay Bales Design

    You can decorate your fields with hay bales of varying sizes.

    Chicken’s Nest Design

    It’s a chicken’s nest; the water below keeps the coral fans alive.

    Walkable Waterways Design

    Your current farm might look something like this. You can easily make the waterways walkable, and you just need to use some waterlogged blocks.

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