12+ Things In Old Gta Games That Are Missing In Gta V

Some GTA games from 2D ERA are too old to cover and some 3D universe games like GTA Vice City Stories, GTA Liberty City Stories are not that different from original games.

Because of above mentioned reasons:

Only 3 GTA games GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, are considered against offline story mode of GTA V not GTA V online.

Interaction with Vehicles:

  • You can move cars in GTA III, GTA Vice City and in GTA San Andreas which is not possible in GTA V. You can not just push the car forcefully in GTA V.

  • You can ride NPC’s cars in GTA III, Vice CIty and in GTA San Andreas which is not possible in GTA V.

  • In San Andreas, CJ can even stop these cars anywhere which is not possible in GTA V due to ragdoll. You are not allowed to stop any car on the road.

  • You can do traffic dodging in GTA III and Vice City but don’t even try it in GTA V. The car may strike and you will die as a result. The game will be all over this way.

Hijacking Vehicles:

  • You can hijack stylish bikes in GTA Vice CIty and in San Andreas but in GTA V, you can do simplistic hijacking only.

  • In San Andreas, CJ is more brutal when hijacking but in GTA V, he is not as brutal as in GTA San Andreas.

Exiting Moving Bikes:

  • You can exit a moving bike in GTA Vice CIty and in San Andreas in a cool and stylish way, Tommy and CJ have cool styles, but in GTA V you will miss it. You are not allowed to jump from a moving bike.


  • You can have multiple safehouses in old GTAs as Claude has 3 safehouses in GTA III, Tommy has 9 safehouses in GTA Vice CIty and CJ has 37 safehouses in GTA San Andreas which is not possible in GTA V as each of three characters has only one active safehouse.

Missing Weapons:

  • There were certain weapons in GTA III, Vice City and in San Andreas like Flamethrower, SMGs, Chainsaw, Spray paint weapon, shotguns, fire extinguisher as weapon, dual pistols. You will miss all these weapons in GTA V.


  • Paramedics in old GTA’s are much better than GTA V. Paramedics actually save lives in GTA III, Vice City and in San Andreas, though their driving is quite bad but they know their job well. But when it comes to GTA V, the job of paramedics is not as good as it should be.

Useful Trains:

  • In GTA III, Claude can take trains to move from one station to another. In San Andreas, CJ can even hijack trains in a brutal way but in GTA V Train is just a Troll.

Missing Side Missions

  • There are side missions (Paramedical missions, Vigilante missions, Firefighter missions) in old GTA games that can be started in any police vehicle. There are different mission scenarios. GTA V has working fire trucks but still no firefighter missions. CJ can use a fire extinguisher in San Andreas but in GTA V only NPC’s can use it. There are Pizza delivery Missions in Vice City, Trucking, Quarry, Pimping and Train missions in San Andreas which are quite rewarding and interesting as well.

NPCs Reactions:

  • NPCs can dodge traffic in old GTA versions but not in GTA V. The car will hit them if they come in front of it.

  • Bullets can break limbs in GTA III. Bullets can also decapitate NPCs in GTA Vice City.

  • NPCs can also dodge bullets to save themselves. NPCs hands-up at gunpoint. In GTA V NPCs cannot dodge bullets, they will get scared and run away.

Missing Places:

  • Working car crusher in GTA III. Big Mall with Interior with a display car for you to steal in GTA Vice City. Working Gyms in San Andreas. Working airport in San Andreas. CJ can travel by air.

6 Star Wanted Level:

  • In GTA III ,Vice City and San Andreas, Military at wanted level 6. But only 5 stars in GTA V. Military’s only at their base.

Weapon Weight:

  • Weapons affect running speed in old GTAs. But in GTA V, only the running animation changes, speed remains the same.

Silly Cheats:

  • Invisible cars cheat in GTA III. Amphibious cars cheat in Vice City. Flying cars cheat in San Andreas. Cheats are now sold in GTA Online.

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