12 Window and Electronic Design Ideas in Minecraft

In this guide, you will find the best 12 Window and Electronic Design Ideas in Minecraft. These designs are easy to make and easy to use.

Window Design Ideas

Design 1

The first is a really fun design; it looks fantastic if you make a ton on a wall.

Design 2

This one has a bit of green without being too colourful. You can, of course, use any wood.

Design 3

This design is a little weird, but it shows how creative you can get.

Design 4

It is a really weird design; it might look cool like a medieval harbor or something. It’s a half window, half street lamp.

Design 5

Here comes a window that doesn’t follow the grid. It looks like a glass block with an impossible position: quick, easy, and practical.

Design 6

This design is useful if you want plants on the side of taller builds, same with this one.

Electronic Design Ideas

Design 7

This one is very cool to put in an office, and it’s an interactive copy machine.

Design 8

This design looks best in a dim environment. It’s a TV, and the Wither skulls look like a speaker system.

Design 9

You can add this design somewhere in your house or office. The armour stand should look straight ahead, and it’s an iPad or another tablet.

Design 10

Here’s a super simple way to make a lamp, but the items you need aren’t the simplest to get. Here’s both a table lamp and a floor lamp 

Design 11

It is a super simple office setup. A sleek-looking laptop, and you can also add this mouse to the side.

Design 12

Here’s a cool little detail,t’s a drone, and it could be a toy or some security.

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