13 Things You Didn’t Know About Banners in Minecraft

This brief guide will provide you with 13 useful things that you didn’t know about the banners in Minecraft. 

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    Where can you find custom uncraftable banners?


    There are 16 colors that you can make a banner and 38 different patterns that can all be colored, so there are over 809 quadrillion different possible patterns. Over 809,000,000,000,000 patterns that’s more than the number of blocks to the farmlands. You can use either a crafting table or a loom to add these patterns. You can add up to 6 of these patterns meaning you can make some cool designs like this mirror. Sometimes, you might make a pattern mistake, but if you right-click a banner on a full cauldron, it will remove the last layer you added.


    As well as crafting banners, you can also find them in end cities, Woodland mansions, and savanna villages. You can also find ominous banners that some villagers drop, and you can find them at pillager outposts.


    Ominous banners have eight layers of patterns, so you can’t craft them yourself in the game. However, if you get your hand on one, you can use a cauldron to see how they’re made.


    While you can’t wear a banner anywhere in survival, you can use commands to put on your head. It is the command to wear a black banner”/repaceitem entity @p armor.head minecraft:black_banner” and you can even add designs. 


    You can also put your custom banner designs on shields; you have to craft your banner and shield together.


    You can also use the banners as fuel in furnaces, but they only smelt 1.5 items, so it’s better to use the planks it takes to craft one.


    If you name a banner something using an anvil and then right-click it with a map of the area, the banner and name will show up on the map. You can use this to mark where the things are. 


    You can use looms to add normal patterns to a banner or add special ones with the banner pattern items. You can get these by crafting, trading with villagers, or finding them in the nether bastions.


    Some of these patterns can get very expensive, though; you can use enchanted golden apples, wither skulls, or even creeper heads.


    Some villagers also sell the globe patterns for eight emeralds, and the new bastions are added in 1.16.


    You can find the piglin banner pattern. 


    Using the enchanted golden apple banner pattern, you can add a Mojang logo and a banner.

    Weirdly though, the pattern is just called “Thing” because of translations. As in the Swedish version, it’s just called “mo jang”.


    When you place down any banner in any dimension, it’ll sway back and forth like the wind is blowing it. It’s interesting how this also works in the end though there’s no wind in space.

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