Final Fantasy fans have been cosplaying characters from Final Fantasy XV for over 10 years since its first announcement in 2006. It’s been a super long wait with lots of rumors and surprises that we’ve tracked down.

So to go along with our timeline here are 15 epic FFXV cosplays by fans that have not only got the looks, but the charms as well! One of these cosplayers had even made huge contributions to the animation of the game and has taken his cosplay to the next level!

  1. Father and Son Dinner

This impressive cosplay shows one of the most adorable moments from the FFXV trailers. During a meal we got see a glimpse of Noctis as a child spending time with his father, King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII. To our surprise after mentoring his son King Regis actually shows a playful side.

  1. Prompto Steps Up To Protect Young Noctis

Yet another character that has really undergone some changes from his dark and edgy look in Versus to a softer more playful image in FFXV. Prompto Argentum is another fan favorite for his over all style and impressive fighting moves.

  1. Stella Nox Fleuret Stealing The Show

Ah, Stella even if you are not the leading lady any more fans will still show you love.

“Lord Noctis, can you see the light?”
Stella’s famous line from her 2008 introduction at the Tokyo Game Show.

Kicking a pretty lady to the side doesn’t go over well, as fans went up in arms over Stella being replaced by Luna.

  1. Lightning & Noctis Crossover

So how many of us are guilty of thinking that we were going to get to see Lightning and Noctis crossing blades or hooking up? Well you are not alone and these cosplayer did a wonderful job of capturing a sweet moment.

  1. Star-crossed Lovers Stella & Noctis

It’s hard to say if fans like Stella & Notics more than Lightning & Notics, but what about Luna? Either way Noctis will have no problems finding romance. Setlla on the other hand was kicked to the curb by Square Enix, but has a larger fan base than her replacement Luna. So there’s a good chance she might still be in the game.

Guess who’s back?

Meet Aranea Highwind – The Dragoon Lady. Aranea Highwind was first introduced in Final Fantasy Versus XIII marketing materials and she is now returning in Final Fantasy XV. She works as a commander for a mercenary unit in the Niflheim military – officially titled as the captain of the empire’s third army corps 87th airborne unit. She is strong and extremely skilled in aerial combat, thus, her colleagues refer her as “the dragoon”. We will be hearing more about her and other new characters in March!

One popular theory is that Stella is still in the game, but just like after a bad break up Stella got a major make-over complete with a name change in order to fit into her new role in the game. Talk about having bad blood… But we will hopefully find out the truth on March 30th during the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event.

  1. Young & Teen Noctis

One of the most adorable brother duos Dat-Baka and his little brother Bill. They really nailed it on their take of Noctis from E3 2013 trailer.

“The cruel world will take the smile of an innocent child and bend it into a sarcastic smirk of a man that has seen it all.”

  1. Young Noctis E3 2013

One of the cutest cosplays by far on our list and we tip or hats to the editor for getting that soup to be just the right color.

“But you mustn’t say so, lest the cook be sent away.”

That poor child, can we really blame him for not wanting to eat that? Nah, not with those puppy-dog eyes.

  1. Cindy Can Fix That

Added into the game to break up the all male cast Cindy is sexy and Caelynx did a super job at keeping her sexy, yet classy. Well done!

She is not supposed to be too sexy, but the male members on the dev team did their best to create her. As a result, perhaps too much of their heart and soul went into her… So if we put too much into her, then we should remove the excess heart and soul, and make sure she’s a character you’d be completely comfortable seeing while in the living room. That’s where our line will be, so please be assured.

Cindy was almost too sexy for Final Fantasy XV, but the team went back and made some changes, so let’s wait and see if they can pull of this character in the game as well as Caelynx did in her photo.

  1. Battle Ready Noctis

The fierce determination in his eyes and that pose make this shot look like a slow motion screenshot of a cut scene from FFXV.

  1. Lightning & Noctis Selfie

I’ll admit I’m more for Lightning and Noctis having a fight, teaming up or even hooking up simply because I can still remember seeing videos of them playing back to back going from scenes of Lightning to Noctis in 2006. So like many of you I had very high hopes to play the darkest installment of the FF franchise as the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII especially after the 2005 release of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII in 2006. Followed up by Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII with a special Limited Edition PSP Crisis Core Bundle in 2007 for the Japanese market. But FFXIII Versus was put on hold, however we did get a sequel to FFXIII, FFXIII-2 and a third installment Lightning Returns that hit the US market in 2014. In fact since FFXV’s 1st announcement there are been over 40 releases of previous titles along with special edition re-releases of popular titles, plus new game titles added to the Final Fantasy line up across various platforms. It’s safe to say Square Enix kept us busy while we waited.

  1. Noctis Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Simply amazing and well done! Best of all it was completely made by hand and did a great job capturing Noctis from the 1st trailer!

Cosplayer: Prince Ari

The costume took half a year to finish. I can’t say which part was most difficult because there are so many details in every part. Both costume and sword are made by me. I started make it when there was only one game trailer, this game name was Final Fantasy versus XIII and the character had another costume (and I made the old one).

  1. Noctis Makes Suits Look Cool

At the 2008 E3 Square Enix showed a trailer of Noctis meeting Stella at a formal ball.

Yuusama”Leave the reality behind”

For more awesome cosplays!

Keeping in the tradition of having amazing character designs, FFXV had Hiromu Takahara the creative mastermind behind Roen, a popular fashion brand among Japanese Visual Kei rockstars, to create one of a kind outfits for the main characters.

In addition to this awesome collaboration there was talk of a Final Fantasy fashion line! Hopefully with the release of FFXV the fashion line will also come back into the spotlight. There are a few select shops in Tokyo that carry Roen as it’s very expensive and popular among young stylish men and women due to its A-list celebrity models and clients. If you are in Tokyo its worth it to drop by the main store or one of its retailers as the design of the shops themselves have a Final Fantasy vibe to them.

Square Enix and Roen would be releasing Final Fantasy Versus XIII formal wear, real world items worn by in-game characters — perfect for the prom! It looks like the collaboration works both ways, as this is more than just cheap cosplay stuff. Roen looks to have worked with Square Enix on character designs for Versus XIII. Before you excitedly whip out the credit card, be warned that Roen is obscenely expensive. Sure, their tank tops are just dazzling, but even we balk at $240 price tags.

For those of you who are interested in fashion or game illustration the collection look books are worth going through especially the 2015AW for inspiration or updating your wardrobe.

  1. Noctis Lucis Caelum Published by TOUGA

There’s a lot of time and effort that go into making a character come to life through cosplay. This breathtaking shot represents the art of perfection.

Touga takes over and dominates with his perfect hairstyle and uncanny likeness to Noctis this simply had to go on my list!

Ladies, this one was for you.

  1. Young Noctis FFXV In The Flesh

Admit it you just leaned in to your screen to make sure that Noctis is actually real and not CG. We all did…

From the setting to the lighting and costume this is the type of perfection and dedication that tells Square Enix that they better stay on top of their game. Misama’s cosplay is raising the bar.

  1. Prompto At Work

Cosplayer: Tomoya

While being quite the unexpected cosplayer, Toyama-san is making huge contributions to the animation of the game and has taken his cosplay to the next level!

I have to say Toyama-san is my favorite cosplayer on this list, not just because he’s running around in cosplay at work, but because he’s so passionate about making sure that Final Fantasy XV exceeds our hopes and expectations.

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