30+ Minecraft Build Ideas

This guide will get you more than 30 unique Minecraft Build ideas. You can use any of these ideas to make fascinating builds in your world.  

Table of Contents


    Simple Bed

    This bed is made of simple materials, and you can easily make it in your Minecraft world. There are two beds attached with Quartz stairs, and inside the stairs, there are banners that give the bed’s perfect look.  

    Wooden Bed 

    This bed is made up of wooden oak. You can also use any other type of wood if you want; the boundaries of the bed are covered with an oak signboard. The upper side of the bed is covered with snow layers and blue carpet.

    Bunk Bed 

    The structure of the bed is very simple, the main structure is made up of Spruce Trapdoors and stairs are placed on the barrels which will help you to go on to the second bed. It is a very easy and effective build. For the decoration, you can use the flower pot and some of the banners for privacy. 

    Basic Bed

    This bed is a double bed, and you can use the skeleton skulls to create a beautiful white pillow with the help of a piston. There is a trapdoor on the front, back, and sides of the bed, making it look unique compared to other builds.  

    Master Bed

    This bed is perfect for large modern bedrooms. The base of the bed is made of red blocks, and the snow slabs are used to give an ideal contrast to the pillows. All four sides of the bed are covered with trapdoors. There are two side tables right next to both sides of the bed. And each table has a lamp made of the skeleton and an end rod.


    Simple Desk

    This desk fits in every house, and it occupies very little space. There is a book stand, and both of its sides are attached with barrels, making it a perfect table. The front side of the table is covered with trap doors, and you can also place your favourite book on the book stand. There is a lantern on the right side of the table and a beautiful red tulip flower pod on the left side of the table. 

    Laptop Table

    It is a straightforward and quick build; you can build it anywhere in your modern house. The oak stair block is used as a chair, and both sides of the chair are attached with oak sign material: a laptop, a stone button on the table, and a flower pot for decoration. You can also customize the table with your ideas. 

    Computer Table 

    The computer table is made of Quartz blocks and stairs. Next to the computer, there is a button and a lamp which will help you at night to read anything, and you can also decorate it with your interior ideas.  

    Wooden Table 

    The whole structure of this table is based on bookshelves, and there is a beautiful bookstand where you can add your favourite book. There are beautiful decorations with lanterns and sea pickles right next to the book stand. You can also store more books in bookshelves and label them using oak signs.


    Simple Dresser 

    To make this dresser, you need to have a beautiful wooden block placed right next to each other, and you can add decorations on it so that it will look more attractive even if it is simple. 

    Drawer Case 

    The drawer case consists of six Beehive blocks, and on the middle block, there is a beautiful custom drawer that gives it a perfect look. Both sides of the drawers are covered with oak trapdoors; the petrified oak slab makes an open drawer. You can also label all the drawers using oak signs as well. On the top of the drawer case,  you can place a lantern and use more decorations to decorate it.


    Here’s a room cupboard that occupies significantly less space, and you can also add your outfits to that cupboard. The trapdoors are placed on both sides of the cupboard. Inside the cupboard, there is the armor stand, and you can add armor on the armor stand and use the Spruce doors to secure the cupboard. The top side of the cupboard is covered with Barrels. 

    Small Wardrobe

    The main structure of this wardrobe is made of Red Shulker Box, and it is covered with dark oak Trapdoors from both sides. There are three armor stands inside the wardrobe to hang whatever outfit you want. 

    Modern Wardrobe 

    The main structure of this wardrobe consists of Light Gray Concrete and oak stairs, and there is a huge space for your outfits in the centre of the wardrobe. There is a separate section for the folded clothes. There is a glass on the front side of the wardrobe, making it more beautiful and elegant than other Minecraft builds.

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