5 Different Ways To Earn Money in Roblox Skyblock

In this brief guide, you will get to know about five different ways to earn money in the Roblox Wild West game.

#1 Farming:

You can sow wheat seeds in a farm and then wait till it turns into grown wheat so you can harvest it. Then you can sell it to a seed guy in the city.

#2 Automatic Farming:

The next method is automatic farming. Just sit back and relax in automatic farming, you need an industrial chest for this.

Go into this portal to sell all the stock you have produced like onions, carrots, potatoes etc. this is an easy way to earn money.

#3 Selling Items:

Find out a buyer to sell things. And it is a risky business, they can scam you. So be very careful when selling items.

#4 Asking For Donations:

This really nice guy can donate up to 5k coins. There will be many guys who would want to donate.

#5 Obyss that pay:

One guy was giving 5k to the winner of this obby. So you should try to win this obby to get some money as a reward.

When you get to the top, that guy up there will give you the reward money.

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