5 Secrets in Mobile Legends

In this brief guide, we will tell you 5 secrets in Mobile Legends.

Most probably these secrets are not known by you.

#1 Change the name of your friends!

Did you know that you can change the name of your friends in the game.

First click on your friends profile. Then click the rename or remark button.

Then you can put the name you want for your friend.

As you can see it works. We added the name for our friend.


And if the player is online! The color will change! As you can see, the color is different.

To delete the remark name, you will need to click this double person icon.

Find your friend for which you have remarked the name.

Click three dots then edit the remark. There will be a button to delete it. After that, the name that you gave will be gone.


#2 Live Stream = Diamonds

You can get diamonds through live streaming! Just turn on your live stream, play the game and wait for your viewers to give some things for you then you can get diamonds from that.

Here is the thing you can get in live streaming in mobile legends.

For every 5 BB coins you can get 1 diamond!

#3 Starlight Membership

Every 50 diamonds that you recharge, you can have a 3 days starlight membership. In that 3 days membership you can claim these rewards and try heroes and skins!

#4 Max Credit Score Per Day

Many players ask why is their credit score still the same even though they play a game? This is the reason!

Every violation, your rate becomes higher.

The credit score that you can gain every day is based on your CS reduction rate! The lesser the CS reduction rate, the higher credit score you can gain everyday!

#5 Description/Bio Colors

You can change the color of the text on your bio.

You can use different codes to change colors and can also make your style on it!



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