Useful & Easy Guardian Boss Tricks

This guide will provide you with five useful Guardian Boss tricks in Muck. You can use most of them when nothing is around, and they will save you from the laser attack. 

Table of Contents


    The furnace is one of the most commonly used objects to block guardians’ lasers, simple and efficient.

    Tree + Crafting  

    Just before the laser starts beaming, you have to place the crafting on the tree. It will tank all the damage before it falls. 

    It might happen if you let only the tree tank for you, and if you’re on a higher day or difficulty, damage can be a lot more than that. 

    Chest + Crafting

    There is no need to explain; it’s almost the same as the tree. 


    You will need to find a cow and hide behind it; that’s it. It works with every single mob in the game. 


    You can block the entire laser attack just by throwing any item from your inventory.

    You can do it with the stone as well. 

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