7 Best Ways To Make Spina (Fast Methods)

This guide will provide you with the best methods to make Spina in Toram Online. Follow all these methods to make Spina very quickly.

#1 Mobs Farmings

All you need is a mage and some cheap equipment. You can either use Storm or Blizzard to farm these colonies.

If your magic is enough to 1 hit the mobs, you can start distributing on LUK. There are many farming spots you can try and see if anyone works out best for you.

Ruined Temple

The time it takes to fill up your inventory depends on how many members are actively farming in the party.

#2 Boss Farming

It’s very similar to mob farming but you need decent equipment in order to start fully benefiting from it.

The only valuable item here is the skins. Farming Seele can be a great stable spina income if you have all the standards to defeat her at a party. The spina income per hour would be 120-360k for Seele.

#3 Crafting

This is related to the previous spina-making ways but instead of just selling we use the mats for crafting.

Sometimes crafting can be very bad when selling the mats is way more profitable than the item itself. Event items’ prices are expected to increase by 20-200% in the next 6 months so you would profit more if you save them for later.

Crafting for Anniversary would make about 500k~900k per hour.

Spina: 120k-380k/hour (Except for full-time crafters, they make much less).

#4 Refining

Buy equipment, refine them and then sell.

Refine to +E just using Mithril Ore to save more spinca.

You can even go for +D using Mithril Ore, a higher grade therefore higher value. Not just weapons but gears you can refine for maybe a better profit margin. You can get 150~500k per hour by just refining in general.

#5 Arbitrage

Look for unreasonably cheap items and list them against their true value.

Relists the items for lower than what’s already listed there for a faster sell-out. Some dead items are not worth buying because they take ages to sell.

It depends on how long you are willing to search to find the best deal to buy.

Try not to buy over 10 items at a time otherwise, you would have no space to list.

Usually takes a day to get something sold, start decreasing the price by bits if you don’t see it ever getting sold.

#6 Services

Basically, any service people will pay you to do. Nowadays very few people are willing to buy services and that makes services hard to profit from.

#7 Gemrunning

Buying gem runs can be very profitable if you’re buying it with 100% for less than what the Crysta and dyes cost.

You also need to have good equipment to kill the boss, otherwise, you will have trouble doing so.

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