7 Days to Die: Navezgane Map

It is crucial that you use maps in games of almost all genres especially the survival games because if you don’t know your way around, you are dead. Navezgane County Arizona is a location in 7 Days to Die and covers the area of 16 KM Square. If you try to explore the map on your own, it will take you hundreds of hours of gameplay with minimum advance progress. Therefore, I have made a list of few of the most important places in the new updated Alpha 15 map of Navezgane. In the picture below, the area where cursor stands has different shops; also, the square blocks lie nearby and are mentioned by yellow color.

The red part is the radiation zone, and if you go to this area, the chances are that you will die immediately. You can also see different roads labeled on the map. A football stadium on the right side is new, and be careful to go there because there will be football player zombies in there, and they run during the daytime. As is obvious, football players run, so once they see you in the stadium, it would be very hard for you to escape.

Now have a look on the right side of the football stadium, you will be able to see a cave here. This cave is new, and I’m not positive about it. Let’s move little further.

Here you will be able to see Traitor Joels in the blue color, and this is also new in Alpha 15. And here is another traitor Joels.

Let’s have a closer look at the other traitor Joels.

Here you go! This traitor joels is also new in the game. Let’s have a look at the strip club because I don’t remember having that in Alpha 14.

If you are interested in the bomb shelter, it’s right here. I don’t know the exact name of the road on which this bomb shelter is because some of the roads have names and others don’t have any.

Here is a desert split by a river in between. There are different places in the desert as well that you can see. Have a look at the right of the desert and you will see Oreally Auto Parts, and this is new too.

Here is a prison which you should avoid at all costs because you will find lots of savage zombies here. Prison is at the bottom, you can also see the Utility Refinery on the left side.

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