8 Lighting Build Hacks in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with eight Lighting Build Hacks in Minecraft. You can use any of these build hacks in your Minecraft world. 

Hack 1

The light shines through the paintings, and you can place some things inside the paintings. You can make a hidden lamp and use the lever for a secret door.

Hack 2

It is a cool radioactive barrel design, and you can make some build with it. You can even turn it into a source of light. A leaking barrel of radioactive slime it’s so radioactive it glows, and the see-thoroughness of the slime even makes it look reflective.

Hack 3

Hidden lighting is a whole category of its own, like with paintings; light shines through the carpet. You can use this build hack to hide the lighting in your rooms.

Hack 4

There’s an idea about creating an illusion of light rays, and it requires creative use of banner patterns. The pattern makes it look like the light rays are hitting the wall.

Hack 5

If you have a living room with boring lights, you can make a simple tv that lights up the room. The skulls look like little speakers. If you want to take it a step further, you can add a bit of extra functionality to make the button act like a lever, make a Redstone T flip-flop, and connect it all up to the TV, and you got a working remote control. You could simplify this by using a lever, but it will not look like a remote control.

Hack 6

Do you have mobs spawning on your farm, the waterlogged blocks will hydrate the farmland. And they allow you to place a torch or lantern on top.

Hack 7

You can stack item frames and torches, allowing you to create some more advanced torch holders. It looks cluttered, though.

Hack 8

You can build an upside-down room below a very convincing illusion.

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