8 Ways to Earn Zems – Zepetto

It’s very hard to earn zems in Zepetto. This guide will provide you with eight methods to earn the zems. Different methods will give you different numbers of zems.  

Method 1: Buying Zems

The easiest and fastest way to earn gems in Zepetto is by buying them. You will need to click on this bar, as shown in the image below. You can purchase gems and coins from here; you just have to click the amount you want to buy and enter the details. 

Method 2: Hello Word Map 

You will need to complete all the quests to gain zems. From this map, you can gain three zems, 200 coins, and many more items. You can only get the price once. 

After getting to the map, you have to go to the first NPC, read the clue, and then go to the chair. 

And do the same with other NPCs as well. 

You will need to follow this NPC to complete the quests.

After that, move to another room and make the “it’s you” pose.  

You have to get a hard stick to complete this quest.  

Click a photo and upload it to complete the quest. 

Make your way to another room and use the firecrackers. 

You will need to wear the outfit to complete the quest. 

Write anything in the message to complete the quest. 

After that, you have to edit your introduction to complete the quest. 

Go to the first room, take a selfie with a friend in the secret room, and then collect your rewards. 

Method 3: Jump Master

You can get a total of eight Zems on this map. To earn them, you have to complete the level with three stars and then be awarded a zem. You will receive a zem after completing each level in this training room; it is the best way to earn gems if you can’t buy them. Even if you are not good at it, there are some levels where you have to do the level a number of times instead of clearing it in a given time. 

You will need to go to the Jump Master map and make your way to the training room.

After that, pick your level and start jumping.

If you are a beginner, it is suggested to collect the jump coins to get the helium balloon. It will help you perform better. 

You can play this every day and earn zems.

You can get better after practicing and face no difficulties on Jump Master. 

Method 4: Grab that Zem

You can go to Grab that Zem and complete the offers to get the zems; different offers will reward different amounts of zems.  

First, you will need to click on the gift box.

And then click on Grab that zem! 

As you can see in the image below, you can complete these offers and get zems accordingly.

Method 5: The two mystery boxes

To open the mystery boxes, you need to watch an ad first, and you can get a zem or not, depending on the box. You can get only one zem out of each of the mystery boxes. This method doesn’t guarantee you to get zems; it is just optional. 

You have to click on “When cherry blossom bloom”. 

You may win a zem from this. Next, click on this, and you will have to watch an ad.

Method 6: Zepetto Events

Zepetto hosts events regularly; if you win at those events you will get rewards; most of the time including zems. Zepeto officially posts these events, so you can rest assured that you will not get scammed. Winning those events has more advantages than the zems. You can visit the official Zepetto account and see the latest news.

Method 7: Giveaways

You can always participate in giveaways, but many of them may be scams, so do your research and then participate. It is recommended to join the giveaways of verified Zepetors.

Method 8: Lucky Spin And Quests

You get to spin a wheel every day, and you enter Zepetto, and if you are extremely lucky, you will get one zem from it. Every day, you get quests to do in Zepetto; on some lucky days, if you complete all of the quests you can receive one zem. 

After completing quests, you get an option to watch a video and earn zems. 

Click on the Lucky Spin. 

You have to spin the wheel to get the rewards.

Go to quests and complete the quests to gain a zem.

Click on win more and try to earn zems; you will have to watch an ad. After that, click on any three cards at the bottom because zems are always on the bottom.

Continue to complete quests and get a zem.

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