9 Things to Make With Banners – Minecraft

This guide will let you know the nine things that you can make with banners. 

Table of Contents

    Closed Umbrella

    You can use the closed umbrella on a beach or outside a restaurant.


    Banners can add an awesome detail to every bathroom. How else would you dry yourself?


    Is your farm looking boring? Of course, they always do. You can add a scarecrow that won’t take up much space but will look good.


    A printer is a must-have at the office; it also looks impressive in Minecraft. Making letters with banners can make great signs for your shop or base.

    Shower Curtain

    Here is another great detail for your bathroom. This design also incorporates end rods.


    A Tardis is a random detail you can add for fun or as a little easter egg in your world.

    If you didn’t already know, the Tardis is a time machine from the TV series Doctor who.

    Sofa Pillows

    Do you have a sofa in your house? Is it boring-looking like your farm? Of course, it is, so you need this.


    Making flags is another common use of banners.


    Feeling creative? Making an art studio using a banner as a canvas. 

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