A Complete Detailed Guide to Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia

The tarot cards typically spawn on tables or counters. In this guide, you will find the details of Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia

The tarot cards usually spawn on desks, tables and counters. Once you find the deck, you will see that it can hold 10 cards. You can only pull the cards inside the location if you walk out of the location while pulling up a card. In that case, the only cards that will affect you are the sanity cards, and anything else unrelated to sanity will have no effect.

The hangman card just instantly kills you. The devil card will manifest the ghost pretty much just a ghost event and offensive but pretty scary. The death card triggers a hunt; you will die if you touch the ghost.  

The “wheel of fortune” card can put your sanity to 100 or zero. It burns green and gives you plus 25 sanities or burns red while giving you -25 sanity.

Now you have to see if there are any updates to this card. The moon card sets your sanity to zero. Zero sanity the sun does the exact opposite of the moon card and sets your sanity up to 100. The hermit card now is also very speculated.

It will keep the ghost inactive for a short amount of time, depending on which ghost you have again. If there are any updates to this card, the fool acts as another card, like death, then reveals itself right at the last second to be the fool and negates all effects so that it can be much more of a troll and a good thing sometimes. 

If you pull a hanged man and it goes full, you’re saved, but if it pulls a hermit or a sun, you get fooled. It’s not good for the tower. The tower forces interactions, so you get the tower. As soon as it evaporates with that animation, it will force the ghost to interact with something, either a door, an object, or a window, and for the last one, the priestess card now the priestess card resuscitates a dead teammate.

It is kind of insane, but the odds of getting the priestess card are the same as the hanged man or similar because both cards are very extreme variations of each other the odds of getting them are fairly low, but the priestess is a card that is very very powerful. It can bring one of your teammates back to life. You’ll see a clip playing right now on the screen. It’s the best card or mechanic ever seen in phasmophobia added for a long time, and that will do it for the tare cards.

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