A Muddy Bizarre Adventure Walkthrough – Genshin Impact

In this guide, I will share with you the walkthrough for the new event. We can get roughly 120 Primogems for this event.

You need to be at least AR28 and completed the surreptitious Seven seal sundering world quest in order to start this event.

You need Lumenstone Adjustvant gadget in this event, which is obtainable from Cahasm Spelunkers world quest.

It is recommended to level up your gadget to as high a level as possible to make the event easier but level 4 should be enough.

A new challenge will be unlocked every day.

Don’t forget to equip Lumenstone adjuvant gadget.

You can recharge your gadget by teleporting to the waypoint.

For the transportation test, you need to protect the structure from hilichurls attacks.

Use your gadget to remove the purple mud.

While you are attempting the challenge, there will be glowing orbs near the structure. Collect them to recharge your gadget.