Maze of Terror Walkthrough – Work at a Pizza Place

This guide will provide you with the complete walkthrough of Maze of Terror in Roblox Work at a Pizza Place. 

As you can see, the mode maze of terror is back; let’s select it. To go to the maze, you will need to go into the boat. 

Then you spawn a bridge and the maze at the end of it. 

To complete the maze, be sure to do each of the steps. Put the camera in top view and never change its orientation.  

After that, you have to go left.

And then go up. 

Go down. 

Now you will need to go down-right 

Then go up. 

And then go up again.  

Now, you will need to move right. 

And then go down.  

Go right.

Again, move towards the right side.  

Go right. 

Now, you need to move up.  

Again go up from here.

Go left. 

Then go left again. 

Go up.

And that’s it! You are at the end. 

The maze is completed, and you get your trophy. To go back to the pizza place, you have to enter back in the boat.

Here is the trophy. 

Now you have to walk on the plate to trick-or-treat.

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