A3 Still Alive Coupon Code 2022

A3 Still Alive is an action role playing game that was released in 2020. You have to explore the land and fight for your survival under the darkness of the red room. The enemies will come in a massive number along with some other players. You can make your team and also have the option to make allies. But keep in mind that your ally may become your enemy. Add your friends along with you and earn great rewards by surviving for the most period of time. A3 Still Alive game is featured for free on the Google play store.   

Active Codes

A3BLACKRedeem this code and get five brilliant soulstars
A3EXPSOULSTARRedeem this code and get one exp soulstar
A3FEATHERRedeem this code and get 30 common feathers of protection
A3GOLDBOXRedeem this code and get 100,000 gold
A3MANASTONERedeem this code and get x100 topaz
A3MANASTONERedeem this code and get 1,000,000 mana stones
A3REINFORCERedeem this code and get x5 enhancement blessing scroll
A3SKILLSTONERedeem this code and get five passive skill enhancement stone
A3SOULSTARRedeem this code and get two shining soulstars
A3STILLALIVERedeem this code and get 300 blue diamonds
A3TOPAZRedeem this code and get x100 topaz
A3VIGORPOTIONRedeem this code and get five small vigor potions
DARKSURVIVERedeem this code and get 500,000 gold

Expired Codes

DARKSURVIVERedeem this code and get 500,000 gold

How To Redeem A3 Still Alive Codes?

In order to redeem the A3 Still Alive Codes, you’ll have to follow the following steps:

  1. On the top right of the screen, you’ll see a 3 line bar, press it.
  2. After that, you will see the settings button, at the bottom, open the settings.
  3. In the settings section, find the coupon code button, and press it.
  4. Then enter the coupon code in the field and press the submit button, after submitting you’ll get rewards.

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