Ability and Skills of Olivia in Free Fire

This guide will provide you with all the abilities and skills of Olivia’s character in Free Fire. You can use all her skills to proceed further in the game. 


A nurse inspires Olivia. She will get an extra 25 HP when your teammate is knocked out, and you can revive him using this character. Unlock this character, and you will have six extra HP on level 1 when you revive your teammate. After reaching the max level, you will give 40 percent extra HP to your teammate when you revive them. 

Olivia is a Passive character; if you don’t want to play with Olivia but want to use her skills, you have to select the character from whom you want to play. Go to their skills section and select the skill you want to add to your character. 

If you like to play Solo, then this character is useless to you, and if you play in a duo or squad, then Olivia is very useful. This character will not give you the direct benefit to win the match because it only helps your teammates for the health or increases the HP of your teammates. 

Each time you revive, you will give the same amount of HP according to your character level. 

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