Activewear & Exercise Clothes: Sims 4 CC (List)

Looking for some of the best CC activewear and exercise clothes for your Sims? This article has you covered! From athletic clothing to swimwear, we have included all for your Sim character.

Female Nike Sportswear

If you are looking for a professional, stylish female Nike Sportswear outfit for your Sims 4 game, then Female Nike Sportswear is the one for you. There are six different colors available. 

Dope Fitness Set

Dope Fitness Set was painstakingly created for Sims 4 gamers, and is perfect for any fitness enthusiast. It includes two hair pieces, two tops, two bottoms, and one accessory vest. 

Men’s Athletic Running & Track Shorts

Men’s Athletic Running & Track Shorts are made of durable materials that will keep your Sims comfortable while they work up a sweat. Have fun creating custom clothing for your Sims with these Athletic Running and Tracking Shorts!

Biker Shorts & Yoga Bras

If you are wandering around for some chic workout gear for your Sims 4 game, then you have come to the right place. The Biker Shorts & Yoga Bras is a set that includes a pair of stylish yoga shorts and a comfortable biking bra, both of which are perfect for any Sim’s active lifestyle. 

Athletic Outfit

This outfit is perfect for any fitness enthusiast and comes with a variety of clothes that will help you look your best.

Ayumi Athletic Wear

Ayumi Athletic Wear is the perfect Sims 4 outfit for professional athletes or anyone looking to represent their best self. This mesh outfit is compatible with HQ Mods and includes different colors to choose from.  

Evan Men’s Shorts

Evan Men’s Shorts are the perfect athletic shorts for male Sims. The white stripe design is perfect for any look and it will keep you comfortable all day long.

Hey, Summer! Male Top

Hey, Summer! is the perfect tank top for your male Sims 4 gamer. With all of the LODs and maps available, this top will look great on any Sim. 

NFL Tops & Bottoms

If you are looking for some NFL tops and bottoms to add to your game, then you have come to the right place. The NFL Tops & Bottoms content pack includes clothes for all 32 teams, from the big names like the Seattle Seahawks and more. 

Dessy Sport Set

If you’re looking for a new way to get your Sims 4 engaged and active, then you need to try out the Dessy Sport Set.

Gym Shorts

The gym shorts are made with high-quality fabric and a comfortable fit. These shorts are perfect for anyone who wants to stay in shape.

Men’s Tank Tops

Sims 4 men’s tank tops are perfect for a fun and exciting gaming experience. With bright and colorful designs, these tanks are sure to get your adrenaline flowing. Whether you’re playing on the go or staying in to game all day, these tops will make sure you look your best.

Sportswear Pack

The sport wear pack is perfect for Sims who are looking for something professional to wear while playing their favorite games. The shorts come in different colors and are made from high-quality mesh, ensuring that they will keep your Sims warm and comfortable. 

Sim Stretch Leggings

Sim Stretch Leggings were designed specifically for Sims 4 gameplay and are perfect for showing off your Sim’s athletic abilities. You can also wear them as regular clothing to feel comfortable.

Basic Racerback Crop Tank Top

The Basic Racerback Crop Tank Top is made with a sleeveless, cropped hem, racerback, scoop neck design that will let you show off your Sims 4 gaming skills in style.

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