Addictive Android Games To Tryout in 2021

If you’re looking to kill your boredom then you must try out the Android games that are mentioned in this list. Most of the games in the Google play store go unnoticed by gamers, because of the low advertising budget of the developers, this should not be the case. We have selected these games by testing their gameplay and graphics quality, all of the games in this list are extremely addictive and will keep you busy for the whole year. 

Game Name Platform Price Link
Township Adventures PlayStore Free
Block Move Heart PlayStore Free
Stabilize PlayStore Free
Rickle – Classic Block Surfer 2021 PlayStore Free
Mini Escape Game Memories Classroom PlayStore Free
Chomper PlayStore Free
Neo Virus PlayStore Free
Quiztix: GolfPunk Golf Quiz PlayStore Free
Mini Airport PlayStore Free
Tower Defender PlayStore Free
Er Trippa PlayStore Free
JumbleStones – Free Word Game for Adults and Teens PlayStore Free
Knife Game : Throw Knife, Stab ! PlayStore Free
solo goli PlayStore Free
Makyu-san PlayStore Free
Deadly Wars (Endless Runner & Shooter) PlayStore Free
Save the Shell- Physics Drop PlayStore Free
Addition and Subtraction, Math Games PlayStore Free
National Assembly PlayStore Free
Memory Games – Picture Matching & Brain Games PlayStore Free
Baby Balls. Play with kids PlayStore Free
Big Memory – The hardest memory game ever! PlayStore Free
What character are you? Who am I? KI Random level PlayStore Free
The Game of Sprouts 🌱 Sprouts Game PlayStore Free
MemoriBlox Memory Game PlayStore Free
Caral PlayStore Free
Run Boggo Run Free! PlayStore Free
Math Quiz: Brain Challenge PlayStore Free
La passion du coeur PlayStore Free
Rolling Stones Song Insight PlayStore Free


Township Adventures

Expand through the forest and develop your city and farm to reach prosperous. This game has all you can imagine to do that.

Block Move Heart

Press a special block. You don’t have to press it down. You can’t press too late. You don’t have to press all the blocks. If the process does not work, press the RESTART button below. It is saved every 10 stages.


Stabilize is a balancing game, where the objective is to keep the ball on the platform for as long as possible. The platform will keep getting smaller and smaller. How long can you keep it on the platform?

Rickle – Classic Block Surfer 2021

Rickle is a classic block surfer game. Stack 3D cubes like never before when you build your tower of stone. How strong is your tower craft? Top your high score, earn gems, trade-in for power-ups and unlock new locations while building the highest RICKLE of stones!

Mini Escape Game Memories Classroom is a Adventure Puzzle game, where you need to escape from the danced Labyrinth maze equipped with hidden obstacles and Traps.


Are you looking for a challenge? Complete levels by collecting dots and killing enemies. Use powerups to your advantage and make sure to beat the level before the time hits 0!

Neo Virus

Neo Virus is a game that simulates the development of several colonies of viruses that develop themselves and destroy each other.

Quiztix: GolfPunk Golf Quiz

QuizTix has teamed up with GolfPunk to produce the ultimate golf quiz covering all areas of the game. Answer questions to win Tix and fill the grandstand with colourful characters.

Mini Airport

Mini Airport is a strategy simulation game that let you experience the role and responsibility of an air traffic controller. 

Tower Defender

Stop waves of monsters from entering your castleStop waves of monsters from entering your castle. Build towers, save coins and build more powerful towers!

Er Trippa

Er Trippa is a simple but challenging game inspired by the Italian life in Rome. Time your jump accordingly from platform to platform but rest assured you will fall a LOT! It’s all based on your skill and reaction speed.

JumbleStones – Free Word Game for Adults and Teens

Welcome to JumbleStones, the addictive, entrancing, meditative word puzzle game that will challenge and delight as it surreptitiously expands your vocabulary.

Knife Game : Throw Knife, Stab !

Knife Game is super fun stab game to play when you are bored. This game lets you stab a knife on a log. If you are the perfect knife master, you can hit the gem to unlock new knives.

solo goli

solo goli is a game which is like peg solitaire strategy with good ui and animation. In this game, ladder is based on the performance of completing each peg solitaire puzzle with good strategy.
If you feel worse not knowing strategy to climb the ladder by finishing puzzle then you have chance of spectating your friends game so that you will be more comfortable with the puzzles.


“Simple baseball game, only one tap operation!”
Grasp the right time to hit and get Pika home run!

Deadly Wars (Endless Runner & Shooter)

The world is in destruction and new heroes have been born to safe the world from weapons of mass destruction.

Save the Shell- Physics Drop

Looking for a brain exerciser or o logic draw game? Save the Shell- Physics Drop game is here to serve you. Draw colorful lines and drop the water into the bowl to save the shell.

Addition and Subtraction, Math Games

The application edicative was built based on algorithms that adapt the questions to the child’s current skills, focusing on the mathematical operations the child has the most difficulty with.

National Assembly

Create a virtual system called ‘National Assemblyman’. It is a game in which legislative activities, policy decisions, presidential approval ratings, party approval ratings, impeachment, and appointments are directly conducted through voting.

Memory Games – Picture Matching & Brain Games

Brain Games helps you to improve your memory capabilities and reflexes by matching the same pictures of different cards. Improve your focus, attention, concentration, reflexes, speed of thinking, logic, and much more. Playing memory games is the best way to exercise your brain and keep your brain fit.

Baby Balls. Play with kids

A game for the whole family. Absolutely free. Study colors, shapes, and mindfulness with your children. The difficulty increases with each level. Take care of yourself or your child. Pop balloons, compete, set new records.

Big Memory – The hardest memory game ever!

Train your brain and improve your memory! Find matching pairs of cards in this exclusive edition of the amazingly designed card game! A memory game with over 50 levels to overcome that helps stimulate the brain and train the memory.

What character are you? Who am I? KI Random level

Button that when clicking tells you what character you are, who you are, and your power level (in the form of a tracker), randomly (random) when you click the button.

The Game of Sprouts 🌱 Sprouts Game

Game of Sprouts is a two-player game where two players compete, and the first player who can’t make a valid move, losses.

MemoriBlox Memory Game

MemoriBlox Memory Game is a fun game directed at all ages from young to old. As the levels increase, so does the difficulty but through using your memory in remembering where the booms are, you will get through to the next level. Great explosive 3D fun for all!


With Caral, you must solve a series of challenges and advance through the levels, to know the main causes of development problems in the world, the actions that are being implemented and your strategies to achieve that sustainable development.

Run Boggo Run Free!

From the quirky creators of the Land Of Boggs is Run Boggo Run!, a FREE mega-addicting adventure game starring the lovable BFFs Boggo and Boe. Oh no! A loathsome Stress Monster is living rent-free in Boggo’s head! Team up with her best friend Boe to help Boggo escape the canyons in the Valley of Despair and the temples or Root City.

Math Quiz: Brain Challenge

This app has a collection of games and tricks, which will improve your calculation speed, while giving a nice brain training. This program will increase your aptitude and reasoning skills, which can increase your performance in school, in college and even in your day to day life.

La passion du coeur

A free otome game in the sportive, photographic & musical field. Start your interactive romance now and meet characters with unique personality, make choices and get several endings. No secret scene. No ads. No energy. 100% free.

Rolling Stones Song Insight

Have you ever listened to a Rolling Stones song and wondered what they were trying to say? This quiz is not about such trivia as times and places or whom wrote or sung what song. But it covers the original idea/inspiration/influence behind each song on six iconic Rolling Stones albums.

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