Advanced Tips To Get Better at SplitGate Arena Warfare

This guide explains how you can get better at Split Gate Arena Warfare. There are many tips explained in the guide below. Go through them and apply as many tips as you can to enhance your chance of achieving good ranks in the game.

First, you will need to turn off your sprint crosshair to get consistency in the game. Moreover, it is recommended not to throw emps on people as they don’t do any damage.

After that, triple portaling is a way to get around a map fastly. It is beneficial when playing takedown or shot down because you can easily get at the back of your opponents.

The next concept is portal bluffing. When you let your opponent see a portal, he expects you to come out of that portal, and in this way, he will have an idea about your strategy. So portal bluffing is very important to keep your opponents guessing.

The next two tips are to have awareness about your portal keybind and to close your portals. You need to close your portal so that not all the times the opponents follow you to kill you.

The next tip especially applies to controller players, which is to limit Ads. It is not such that you should leave ads altogether because they are better for the players in some situations. You can consider an example of a club in which the people are close to you. At that time, you cannot kneel your right stick. Just cut it down to half at a time, and it would make you better. 

The next tip is to get good with Carbine and Pistol. Both of these guns have importance in the game, so the player who has the expertise in using these guns can achieve a better level. You need to get better in using the dmr more and should have a good idea of switching the pistol.

The next tip is to know your portal angles. The more you play the game, the more you have an idea about your angles and how your opponent will reach you through those angles. You should use such angles that the people are not expecting from you, and in this way, you can get them killed without letting them know about your arrival. 

The last tip is to hit the people with the oddball as it gets them killed with just one hit, so it adds some fun to the game. It is recommended to do oddball hits.

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