Age of Empires Cheats

For more than two decades, Age of empires has been a fan favorite. They just can’t get enough of it. We suspect you have put a fair number of hours into playing this game and become a master at it. Well, if you want to take some competitive advantage over other players, you can use cheat codes and make the game experience a little more exciting. In the age of Empires, you can use cheat codes to gain food, spawn items, enable/disable FOW, and even kill everyone to win the game just by typing in a cheat code. 

You can execute cheat codes by typing them into the chat box. You can open the chat box by pressing ENTER. You can then type in your cheat code and press ENTER again; this will apply the cheat. Please make sure to save your game progress before using cheat codes that you are not sure about. With over 40 different cheat codes, the options are endless.

Some cheats are expansion pack specific and require an expansion pack to be installed in order to work.

Age of Empires Cheats List

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