Age of Empires Cheats

For more than two decades, Age of empires has been a fan favorite. They just can’t get enough of it. We suspect you have put fair number of hours into playing this game and become a master at it. Well, if you want to take some competitive advantage over other players, you can use cheat codes and make the game experience a little more exciting. In age of Empires, you can use cheat codes to gain food, spawn items, enable/disable FOW, and even kill everyone to win the game just by typing in a cheat code. 

You can execute cheat code by typing them into the chat box. You can open the chat box by pressing ENTER. You can then type in your cheat code and press ENTER again; this will apply the cheat. Please make sure to save your game progress before using cheat codes that you are not sure about. With over 40 different cheat codes, the options are endless.

Some cheats are expansion pack specific and require that expansion pack to be installed in order to work.

Age of Empires Cheats List

Cheat CodeDescription
NO FOG COPYNO FOG cheat code is used to disable the Fog of War. This will result in revealing the position of all units.
PEPPERONI PIZZA COPYThis cheat code will show you the entire map including resources and trees. But you can’t see enemy units with this.
COINAGE COPYYou can give yourself 1000 gold bonuses by using this cheat code.
WOODSTOCK COPYThe WOODSTOCK cheat will provide you with 1000 more woods.
QUARRY COPYYou can get 1000 stones instantly by running this cheat code.
STEROIDS COPYThis code will remove the waiting time for creation of units, buildings, or for upgrades. You can also disable it using the same cheat.
DIEDIEDIE COPYThis cheat code will Instantly destroy all other players in the game.
RESIGN COPYIf you want to end the game immediately by losing, then you can use this cheat code.
HARI KARI COPYYour character will commit suicide after running this cheat code and the game will be over.
HOME RUN COPYIf you want to end the game immediately by winning, then this cheat code is perfect for you.
KILL[#] COPYKILL[#] code is used to kill the players. You can specify the number of players to kill in the parameters. This code can kill upto eight players.
GAIA COPYGAIA cheat code lets you control animals but you will lose the control of your own units.
BIG BERTHA COPYBIG BERTHA cheat code will turn all Stone Throwers and Catapults into Big Bertha, which is stronger.
ICBM COPYYou can upgrade the range of Ballista and Helepolis to 100 by running this cheat code.
HOYOHOYO COPYBy executing this code, priests will get lots of speed and 600 hit points.
MEDUSA COPYMEDUSA code will result in turning the villagers into Medusa, which means they come back from the dead twice. First time they die, villagers become Black Riders, and the next time they turn into Heavy Catapults.
BLACK RIDER COPYThis cheat code turns every cavalry archer into Black Rider. The unit gets a cool name and description
DARK RAIN COPYYou can turn all your bowmen into Composite Bowmen by running this code. They will turn into trees when they’re not moving.
PHOTON MAN COPYThis cheat code will create a guy in a white suit with a quick- fire laser gun.
FLYING DUTCHMAN COPYThis code will turn the Juggernauts into Flying Dutchmen. They would get more attacking skills and can land back anytime.
BIGDADDY COPYBIGDADDY cheat will give you a black sports car with a rocket launcher that can be used to attack enemies.
JACK BE NIMBLE COPYBy running this cheat code, the catapults launch cows and villagers as a fire.
E=MC2 TROPPER COPYThis cheat code will create a guy in a white suit with a slow- firing nuke gun.
RUNPLAY COPYRUNPLAY code will make the units to move much faster, especially the horse units.
UPSIDFLINTMOBILE COPYYou can accelerates your Chariot Archers by executing this cheat code.
CONVERT THIS! COPYCONVERT THIS! code will give you a new, slow moving priest unit with thunder powers.
STORMBILLY COPYYou can summon a Zug 209 robot that shoots lasers at enemies by using this cheat code.
BIG MOMMA COPYBIG MOMMA code will provide you a white rocket launcher car that fires twice as fast.
POW COPYPOW cheat code spawns a baby with rocket launcher for you.
KING ARTHUR COPYAfter executing this command, all the birds will become flying dinosaurs, or dragons
GRANTLINKSPENCE COPYThis cheat code will transform the gazelles, lions, elephants, and alligators into animal kings.
STONE COPYThe STONE cheat code gives you 1,000 stone in the BETA version.
WOOD COPYThis cheat code will give you 1,000 wood in the BETA version.
FOOD COPYThis cheat code gives you 1,000 morefood in the BETA version.
GOLD COPYTe GOLD cheat code will give you 1,000 gold in the BETA version.
PLAYER[#] COPYThis cheat code is used to replace the player with one another. You can specify the player number you want to replace with.
SUICIDE COPYYour charatcer will commit suicide in beta version of the game after running this cheat.
GIVEMEFISSIONMAN COPYThis cheat code will summon you a high damaging soldier named Fission man in the BETA version.
GIVEMEPHOTONMAN COPYThis cheat code will create a guy in a white suit with a quick- fire laser gun in BETA version.

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