Aim like a PRO! | Tips and Tricks Roblox BIG Paintball

This guide will let you know how to aim like a pro in Roblox Big Paintball.

  • You have to aim higher to account for the added bullet drop at far distances. If you switch to a gun with a faster shooting velocity, you don’t have to aim higher because your shots will travel faster and have more minor bullet drops.

  • The next tip is that you should follow your shots. Note the location of the enemy and check his movement, then you can aim in his predicted location where he is going to step next.

  • If you are playing the game on PC or Xbox, go to the settings and set the Camera Sensitivity to 1.

  • You need to get used to this sensitivity and start building muscle memory. This muscle memory will help to improve your aim drastically.

  • The next tip is that you should improve your game performance. Go to settings, set the Graphics Quality to low, turn on Performance Stats and Micro Profiler. It will make a huge difference in aiming.

  • You can zoom in and aim by using your mouse’s right-click button. It will help to aim at distant enemies easily.

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