Aiming Tips To Improve Aim For Beginners In Mini Militia

This guide will let you know how you can improve your aim in Mini Militia. Go through the guide and follow step-by-step instructions to improve the aim.

  • You will need to purchase the Story Items.
  • And enable 2x view.
  • Use a comfortable control layout.
  • Playing survival mod.

Playing survival mod improves aim a lot, try not to miss bullets while playing survival. If you are a beginner you must play survival mode till you get a 1000+ score.

  1. Narrow gap Shots

Practice Shoot through narrow gaps of the map, it helps for a good understanding of the Shooting point and also improves the aim. Shooting parallel to the surface around the map helps to improve the aim.

  • Play without melee

Playing without using Melle improves aim, predicting skill simultaneously.

  • Touch your screen as smoothly as possible.
  • Playing in Lunarcy Map ( Space map)

Playing on the Lunarcy map gives a good understanding of the physics of bullets because you can only see bullets and aim clearly in this map.

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