“Ain’t Nothing But a G Thing” & “Original Gangster” Trophy Guide – GTA San Andreas

It is a complete guide for the “Ain’t Nothing But a G Thing” & “Original Gangster” Trophy in GTA San Andreas.

Taking over Territories rewards the player with money and respect.

The money generates over time, and you can collect it in Grove Street at Johnso’s House.

The related gang color marks gang Territories in San Andreas on the map.

Grove Street Territories are green, Ballas in purple, and Vagos in yellow.

To take over a rival gang’s turf, you must take out the enemy gangs inside it.

War will begin once three gang members have been killed on foot, not by the drive-by-the gang.

Health and armor pickups will spawn on the streets, and three waves of enemies will attack CJ.

The darker the shade of the gang color, the greater the presence of that gang in that area.

It means that an area shaded light purple will hardly have three ballas members roaming around.

It makes it harder to trigger a gang war on that turf.

The easiest way to conquer these territories is to lure the enemies inside.

Walk near a group, Attract their attention, then run inside the territory and let them chase you inside of it.

Talking over 100% of territories will permanently remove the Ballas and the vagos from Los Santos.

Also, no one can attack Cj’s Territories anymore. 

In addition, the player will earn the trophy Ain’t Nothing but a G thing if he also has all properties and $1,000,000.

In GTA San Andreas, respect indicates how inclined the Grove street families are to help Carl. The higher the respect level, the more gang members CJ can recruit.

You can easily obtain the trophy Original Gangster after the mission Homecoming while taking over the rival gang’s turfs and killing rival gang members.

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