Airwars – Controls Guide

Airwars is a flight simulation game, the game has stunning graphics, and you’ll enjoy the experience of actual battles that were held after World War 2. This game can be played on most VRs.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Game Name.

Left Controller

Rudder leftJoystick LeftPress Joystick Left to Rudder left
Rudder leftJoystick RightPress Joystick Right to Rudder left
Accelerate and decelerate forwards and backward.Left gripPress Left grip to Accelerate and decelerate forward.

Right Controller

Go to Main MenuBPress B to Go to Main Menu
Fire/Attack the selected weaponL2Press L2 to Fire/Attack the selected weapon
Weapon switchJoystick upMove Joystick up to Switch Weapon
Radar range switchingJoystick downPress Joystick down to Switch Radar Range
Before targetJoystick leftMove Joystick left to see the previous target.
Next targetJoystick rightMove Joystick right to see the next target.
Rotate the fighter.Right gripPress Right grip to rotate the fighter
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