All 4 Hidden Worlds and How to Get There In The Sims 4

This guide will provide you with all the four hidden worlds in Sim 4. You will also learn how you can get there. 

1. Sylvan Glades 

First, go to an area at willow creek named crick cabana. You will find this magical-looking tree called the sylvan tree. You have to view the tree a couple of times until you unlock new interactions like “water”. 

Discuss nature with the tree and chat about the tree’s roots. Eventually, the secret door will be revealed.  

Welcome to the land of sylvan glades. You can find some new collectibles there, like snapdragon plants to harvest, toads fishing, etc. 

2. Forgotten Grotto 

First, you have to go to one of these two areas in oasis springs. 

Affluista Mansion and Desert Bloom Park.  

There will be an abandoned mine in both areas that requires level 10 in handiness skill to open it. 

You can increase the handiness skill. 

After that, you have to use the hammer to break it and then open it. You can do things like harvesting plants, digging minerals, fishing, etc. 

3 Deep Woods (TS4 Outdoor Retreat)

You have to take a vacation to granite falls from your phone. After arriving in granite falls, head straight to the forest. 

Now you will need to enter the bushy cave.

And welcome to the deep woods!

In here you can do things such as: 

Meeting the hermit, harvesting his/her herbs and berries.  

Other than that, you can go camping and fishing new kinds of fish. 

4 Planet Sixam (TS4 get to work)

There are two ways of getting here.

First method: By scientist career

For this, you have to join the scientist career and keep working until your 11th breakthrough.

After the 11th breakthrough (scientist level 6), you can invent the portal. 

Keep working until you get promoted to level 10. After reaching level 10, you have to upgrade the portal. 

Now go straight to the portal. 

Second method: by rocketship

You have to build a rocket ship and increase your rocket science skill to level 10. After reaching level 10, upgrade your rocket.

Now blastoff! 

Behold! Planet sixam! 

You can do things such as: 

Meeting aliens, finding small alien critters. 

You can find and harvest three unnatural harvestable (edible):

Glow orbs, quill fruits, and fang flowers. 

You can also find minerals, find and polish geodes, and crystals. 

There is no phone service at sixam except your wrathful boss’ phone call.  

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