All 4 Secret Ancient Island in Blox Fruits

Here, you are going explore four ancient islands in Blox Fruits. The first island is called Rip Family Hideout, you will find out what’s in here.

The Rip Family Hideout

This place is a maze representing rip and drop; life is amazing from which you never escape. Rivender represents Maze, and it also represents that you can never escape from rip and trap.

The Red Legion Hideout

You are now teleported to the second ages Island, the red Legion Hideout. This place looks very luxurious, and this island is high in the sky. There is a huge gate and some small islands with houses. It should be the place where the people in the red region live. The buildings in this place seem to be made of gold. There should be the Throne of the leader of the red region, which is Red game 43. Will they turn rap game 43 into a boss in the future and let us defeat it? Now, you have to check what’s on top.

The Third Ancient Island

What is that? A black cube? Is that the third ancient Island? This looks a bit strange; not sure what it is. There is nothing here.

The Last Ancient Island

Background sphere rip family and red Legion Arena. This place will be where Robin and Ride game 43 Clash in the final battle. This place seems surrounded by a circle of atmosphere, so the island looks round. The music on the island sounds good anyways.