Ways to Get Gold Tokens – My Heroe’s Sea

This guide is all about finding ways to get tons of gold tokens in My Heroes: SEA. 

1. The first one is expensive. You have to buy gold tokens with blue gems or pink gems.

At the trader, you can also get a gold token subscription by wasting 60 pink gems.

2. The next is by playing with your guildmates in the guild dungeon. You can get 2 to 5 gold tokens here. 

3. This method is more of a scam. Here’s how it works, you have to watch an ad to get a gold token with a 5% chance to get 1. 

How does it become a scam? 

Well, if you are not aware of the AdSense of Google, you’re missing important information.   

4. Next is the best way to get a ton here by buying 10 gold tokens a week. That’s 40 in a month and 480 in a year. You can also get one when ranking on the arena. It is the best method so far.  

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