All 7 Insolence Eyes Locations in Piggy: The Lost Book

This guide will let you know how to get Insolence Pony skin in Roblox Piggy: The Lost Book. You will also find out the exact location of all seven eyes. 

The first thing you will need to do is collect the seven eyes. You have to make your way to the following locations to get them.  

You will need to teleport to the subway for the first eye, located on this pillar. 

The 2nd eye is on the subway!  

Go to the stage and then click on the two lights.

Now, you have to go to where Brella is and click the eye. 

The third eye has three locations, but the best one is the subway (it’s randomized). 

Play until you get the wrench.

For the 4th eye, you will need to teleport to the subway.

Take the hammer and break the arcade. The eye will be on a pillar near it. 

For the fifth eye, you need to teleport to the arcade. You will get the eye behind a plant. 

For the 6th eye, you need to teleport to the warehouse. 

Get the orange key and get upstairs. Now you need to go behind a crate near the wrench. 

You will need to teleport to the subway and play until you get the wrench for the seventh and the last eye. It is supposed to be behind the crate in the white key room, but it can also spawn behind the sign!

Here is the skin. Insolence pony, looking so good. 

Insolence pony jump scare.

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