All Alien Powers And Abilities in The Sims 4

This guide will provide all alien powers and abilities in The Sims 4

When aliens use their abilities, they will get a tense moodlet for two hours and consume a lot of your sim’s brainpower. Because of the brainpower strain, there will be a cool-down time of a few hours. The next ability you can use is to analyze personality, and in this interaction, it will tell you about all the traits of another sim. 

The Empathize interaction has no cooldown, and when you use this interaction on a sim, you will get a plus one moodlet that lasts for four hours. Such as, if your target is angry, you will also get angry, and if they are focused, you will also get focused. 

The erase memory is the strongest ability of aliens; this interaction will give your sim a dazed moodlet. But it only reset the target sim, not the alien sim. The sim will remain in the relationship panel, but the target sim and your alien sim relation will reset to zero. 

If your alien goes in public, then sometimes their relationship can take a while, and sims get mad when they find out you are an alien. Aliens also have disguises that look like regular sim and can use to blend in with the public in their daily activities. You can also edit the sim anytime, and also you can change the face structure of the alien sim. 

If you use a disguise in public, people will not know you are an alien, so people will not get angry. It is also best for role-playing and storytelling. Aliens can transmute items from crystal collections and transform them into different random objects from the crystals collection. 

Objects can be transmuted to different collections, making the crystal an element. The alien collection is divided into two variants in which there are five alive and five dead variants. Alien sims have the power to revive dead aliens into their live variants, as shown in the image below.  

Aliens can also study rocks from the space rock collection, and when you interact with it, you will get one happy moodlet for four hours because it reminds the aliens of their home. Aliens can use the unique mischief interaction known as Scare with Probe, making your target sim tense, as shown in the image below.  

When two alien sims meet, they can perform a secret handshake together. The aliens who strongly feel an emotion will have a faint glow surrounding them. If they are in their natural form, the best way to uncover the disguised alien is by going in public. 

Hybrid aliens are half aliens, and they came out as human and alien babies; they have aliens’ skin color and tone but do have regular human eyes. They are also unable to use all of the alien powers, such as analyzing personality or erasing memory, and also, they don’t disguise either, as shown in the image below.  

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