All Book Of Knowledge & Light Puzzles In AC Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok

This guide will provide everything you need to know about all Book Of Knowledge and Light Puzzles in Accession Creed Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok

Split Shot:

To find it, you first need to head over to the Svaladal from the map, and when you get there, you have to go inside the cave and find beams there. For the initial beam, you need to change its angle towards the upper left side so that it will bounce a couple of beams off and then open the door to go to the other side.

You will find a bookcase that will open the door to the other side, so you have to run towards the outside. When you reach the end, drop yourself down to the next path, and you will see an ice shelf on the right bottom side. The right part of the eye panel can be shot and broken, so you need to sneak through and follow the path until you reach the end. You can easily claim a book called Split Shot one. 

Split Shot-2 

For this book, you have to head over to the Vangrinn from the map, and you will find a beam. You have to change its beam direction, go down, and use your bow and arrow to change the direction of the beam. After that, shoot it a few times to turn it around and aim toward the broken orb across the lava pool. 

You have to get the Jotunheimen, allowing you to fire arrows and teleport. If you don’t have these abilities, you must achieve them first. You can also use the statues to refill your hue and to do so; you have to climb up to the abandoned building and find a small wooden pillar there. After that, walk to its edge, then use your yard and hunt ability to see through the window, and there you will see the teleportation devices. After that, turn on your nine abilities to teleport inside the window. You have to block the door to unbold it and then hit the door to get the orb from the floor.

After that, you have to get the orb and walk out of the building. You will need to put the orb in the pedestal which was missing an orb, then move the beam and target it towards the door to open it. So you will need to go inside the door, and you will find your next book of power there.

Explosive Retreat 

There are two orbs, one is active during the day, and one is active during the night. The one in the day you open the door for story progress, the one at night is how you get the book of knowledge. If you want to get it, you need to go to a location and make sure it’s nighttime because if it’s not nighttime, you can hold down on the directional pad and then select meditate, which will switch to the next cycle.

So if it’s currently daytime, it will make it a night, and if it’s currently night, it will make a day. After that, you have to use your modern hive ability so that you can stand on the lava and turn the orb. So it’s targeting you above the door that will open it, so you have to run inside and claim your next book of power.

Explosive Retreat

You can find it down on the map in Gullnamar. When you first arrive, there is an orb sitting on top of a crate. Break the crate, and the orb will fall on the floor, pick up the orb, and put it on this pedestal. After that, come to the backside and use this to direct the light through it. Turn the one around at the end to go to the door, head inside, and get your book. 

This next one is for knockback arrow number one. You can find it at the location; you need to head into the main town and go through a cliffside entrance. It’s huge; you can’t miss it. Once you are inside, you will see that you will be directly opposite the entrance, so you have to run through and see the beam from a distance. You will need to ensure that the beam is targeting above the door. 

When the door is open, you need to walk inside, and you’ll see the other ones there, so you want to go inside and pick up the orb on the fire. You have to put the orb on top of the pedestal, then go back out and aim the first pedestal through the door for the one that’s inside that you’ve just repaired. After that, climb through the gap above the door to access the interior, climbing through the windows. You have to aim it at the door to open it and then go inside and claim your book.

Knockback arrow 2 

You can find that here on the map in Svaladal. You will find a large house, and there are two separate puzzles. One is for the armour piece, and one is for the book of power, so you have to go to the rear of the building and climb up into this first window again. Getting windows is far too difficult now, so you want to look up to the ceiling, shoot that panel out, and then turn this one to face the door behind you. You will find the glass orb inside this door, on the floor in the corner.

You need to repair the one downstairs and pick up the orb drop down below, put it in this one to repair it head back up, and turn this orb to face the outside orb. It is where it goes in two different directions. The orb here will knock it down to one that you could move with an arrow; it’s pointing towards the door for the armor piece, so if you want the book of knowledge, you have to shoot at it.

The last one is not far; you have to turn south and go around the narrow passage. You will have to crawl under some rubble. The statue should now be facing outside. You need to drop down to the floor below and then turn around to face where you came from. After that, turn around again to face the other statue through the door. Then walk into the door to claim your book of power.

Rage Axe 1

You can find it on the map in Gullnamar, and it is hard to find the entrance, but you can see the surrounding areas, colored buildings, and a lava pool. You’ve got some lava waterfalls as well. So now you have to jump down from the top from the fast travel point before going in. You want to ensure you’ve got your full energy because it uses the abilities.

So you will need the muscleheim ability, which is the one you get during the tutorial at the start. You have to make sure to get your full energy when you go in; that’s because the pedestal you need to interact with is in lava. And even if you can survive the damage, as soon as you take damage, it will step away from the pedestal, so you can’t interact with it, so use the muscle high power aim it there that opens the door and claim your book of knowledge.

Rage Axe 2:

You can use this pedestal to access the door on the left or climb through the small window, so go for the window now. The middle pedestal was not originally the one you see there, so if you want to point this one to the door to the left, it will open the door, and you can then drag this pedestal out. Now you need to climb out the window, and then you have to aim at the other one first and then climb out the window. 

You can access the other side, then you need to use it on the side door, and you will find the broken orb there. Now you need to get the light out of the middle pedestal to open the door. You have to use it on the pedestal you’ve just repaired and then fire the beam into the middle. After that, come down the door, and you will find your last book.

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