All Cave Locations In The Wild West (Roblox)

In this guide you will get to know the location of all the caves.

Forest cavern

First the Forest cavern, in the tribal forest. One entrance is in this tent. There is a tunnel inside this tent.

Keep going down and you will reach the main part of the cavern. There is another entrance near the hunting cabin.

Come down to the river and you will see it. The cave has a good amount of ores like gold, Zinc and many other ores. Deposit all these items and fill up your inventory.

Keep moving and cross all obstacles carefully. You will find a hole. Go down this hole.

There will be three gold ores down there. Also be careful of bears in this cave. Kill them quickly to survive in this cave.

Climb up the rope to get back up.

Raider Canyon Mines

Next is the Raider Canyon Mines. Go into this building and go down the ladders. You will reach the Raider Canyon Mine.

This mine is not good. There will be coal, iron and zinc ores in it. There are only a few also. This is not a good place for mining. But few people know of this mine. So it could be a good hideout.

Water Caven

The Next cave is the water caven. It is located in the pinewood hills

Follow this river to reach there. By going onwards, you will see a hole with a rope at the bank of the river. This is one way in.

Another way in is from the water.

Swim down through the water and there will be hole under water. Remember to not drown.

This is a great place to mine. A good quantity of different ores in this place. All of the ores spawn here. There are a lot of waterways in this cave and these waterways have gators. So be careful.

Copper Gulch Mines

Next up, The Copper Gulch Mines. The place is clearly marked with a pickaxe symbol. Enter into this area and stair down to the mine.

This place isn’t that good but it is good for beginners because it is in a safezone, which means you will not get killed.

And if you go deeper into the mine, you will get to an open area with lots of ores.

Lake Cave

Next up is the lake cave. Go up here and find a hole.

Go down in the hole using the rope. Be careful when swimming across this water because there are some killer fishes in it.

There is another way in the cave. Swim down and try to find a hole. You won’t go through the monster fish this way.

This cave only has two gold ores

Howling Peak

The last place is near Howling Peak. go through the gun store and follow this trail.

This is not really a cave but there are many ores here. You will find three gold ores at this place.

To sum it all up, the best cave to mine is the water cavern. The forest cavern is also a decent place to mine. And the howling peak area is decent too. The mines near bronze city are good for beginners. The lake caves and the Raiders canyon are not good for mining, but can be a good hideout.

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